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Legends Theatre - Blues Brothers

Russ Peterson and Dan Meisner bring the Blues Brothers back life nightly at the Legends Theatre in Myrtle Beach. What a fantastic duo they are and getting to know them makes it so much more fun watching them perform, they truly love what they do here in Myrtle Beach at Legends in Concert.

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He didn't just put his disgusting gum on my hand and it fell on the stage, did it?  I need some rubber gloves, to … oh shut up …

Shut your pie hole

Russ Peterson and Dan Meisner

So, here is the story of how this all got started.  In 1990, there was a movie theatre theme park in Orlando, Florida.  That hired us as Jake and Elwood.  It all progressed from there and then we hooked up with then producer of Legends in Concerts.  We did cruise ships, we did all of their venues, Atlantic City, then came down here to Myrtle Beach in 1996.  Then again from 1998-2000, then we came back here in the fall of 2012 because we were loved and missed.  

You can't really learn how to do this, it has to be ingrained in you either as a musician or actor and you have to love these characters.  Because these characters are just there, you have to learn how to do it.  

Then you just put the suit on and the hat on and the glasses on and then it just happens it is just magic.  

We watched the early stuff from Saturday Night Live when they were on subsequently the movie came out in 1980 and then you pick up some of the choreography from there.  Some of the choreography we improvise ourself to fit the stage.

I got to actually meet Dan Aydroyd personally and met John Landis who directed the movie and Paul Schafer who put the band together.

It is funny now that known of those people return my calls.  It is a shame, but we try and continue to bother them.  Hello, remember me?
But they don't, so we are here in Myrtle Beach.

If you think of the Blues Brothers, they have been a staple at this show for 18 years so my suggestion is to come on down and see the show.  You are not going to leave disappointed.  I promise you, this guy plays a mean harp and we have a band that knows what they are doing.  The lighting is great, the dancers are great.  Everything about this show is really, really great.  We changed a few things, added a few things with a couple new things and a couple of surprises.

Ok, do we get our pizza now?  We do get paid in pizza right?  Or fried chicken.


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