How to Pack For The Beach During Cooler Months

A wonderful thing about your favorite warm-weather vacation destination:

It’s cool to visit when the weather is cooler, too.

As you probably heard from your mother throughout your youth, you’re going to want to dress in layers. But unless you’re coming from a tropical climate, you’re not going to need full-on snow-gear for your next Myrtle Beach getaway.

There are more important things than a full complement of mittens for every occasion when you pack for Myrtle Beach in fall and winter. In this post, we’ll inform you about things you should definitely stow away in your luggage, stuff you might not have considered. The great thing about that: For most of this list, there are places in town you can pick them up if you need to.

What’s so great about the beach in the winter?

You have the place to yourself. (You don’t, but it feels that way.) For romantics … that’s, romantic. You can also take a run on the shore without dodging a lot of folks (beware jellyfish, though.) Watch a sunrise in relative peace, and snap beach photos of the beach (and not of a lot of other visitors in the background.)

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