Classic 80s-style Arcade The Warp Zone Open in Myrtle Beach Mall

Classic 80s-style Arcade The Warp Zone Open in Myrtle Beach Mall

A new addition to the entertainment scene in Myrtle Beach is bringing a vintage flair to the Myrtle Beach Mall! The Warp Zone is now open and offering an array of classic games for only 25 cents, including Pac Man, X-Men and more.

The shop opened April 18, and so far, a range of players have been drawn to the arcade games, said manager Michael Hinkle. “We mostly have a lot of the 80s classics, like Galaga, Donkey Kong, but we also have some of the big 90s hits like Daytona USA, and a few from the early 2000s,” he said.

“We have a broad spectrum of folks coming in, we’ve got 40-year-old guys playing Karate Champ and Asteroids because that’s what they remember, and then we’ve got 16 to 20 year old guys playing Killer Instinct because that’s what they know.”

The games, including Frogger, Pole Position, and Asteroids, are all vintage video arcade games, not reproductions, still in their original cabinets. The arcade adds a unique new attraction to Myrtle Beach. “You might find some of these games in pizza parlors, but you’re not going to find anything where every game is a quarter,” Hinkle said.

Another great selling point is there’s no charge to enter the arcade.

The Warp Zone is planning to put the finishing touches on its snack bar soon, and will be serving ice cream and candy.

In addition to The Warp Zone, the Myrtle Beach Mall has an array of entertainment options for the family. Let’s Go Racing has a full service R/C racing facility with car rentals, custom parts and in-store competitions. Uptown Theatre offers an audience interactive improv experience and Carmike 12 movie theater, which offers “stimulus Tuesdays,” with popcorn and drinks only $2 all day long. And for comic book (and The Walking Dead) fanatics, there’s Player’s Choice.

The Myrtle Beach Mall is located just a few miles south of North Beach Plantation, about a five minute drive along Kings Highway (U.S. 17 Business). Next time you visit us, grab a roll of quarters and stop by!

Posted 4/26/13