One Mom’s “Fantasy Trip” with Two Teens: North Beach Plantation Wows

One Mom’s “Fantasy Trip” with Two Teens: North Beach Plantation Wows

Terri Stapleton, her 15 year old daughter, Brenna, and a friend of Brenna’s all needed a break. “We three, as women, needed to get away. There was just too much stress,” Terri said. Terri, who lives in Rocky Mount, Va., owns a time share on the Grand Strand, but for years, she’d been enviously eyeing North Beach Plantation in North Myrtle Beach since it was built. So when the girls asked to go to the beach on a girl’s weekend, leaving the boys of the family behind, Terri decided it was time to give North Beach a shot. And she is so glad she did.

“I wanted to try this place, and it is just such an upscale facility,” Terri said. “We felt like we were walking into a palace. Just fabulous.”

Over several days, the ladies enjoyed the pools and hot tubs, spent time on the beach, and cooked great meals right in their condo unit. “In the evening we would come back and cook. We did some scrapbooking. And there were restaurants readily available, and of course we did enjoy a spa day.”

The group went to Cinzia Spa, where the girls had their first spa experience with scalp, neck and shoulder massages while Terri had an hour-long massage.

“I have to tell you that I love to go so spas. I’ve been to many spas, and my favorite is at a five-star resort in Asheville, North Carolina. But the massage I got at Cinzia at North Beach Plantation was even better than the five star massage. The spa was just mind-blowing. I’m telling you, everything about this trip was perfect.”

“Everything was appointed so nicely. The linens were real linens, not the mass production stuff. The balconies were huge with plenty of room to sit and eat and play cards. The room doors are just huge, the furniture was real furniture. The staff was great. It was just a perfect trip.”

When she thought about it some more, she realized there was one thing about the trip that upset her. “I’m just sad because I know that was like a fantasy trip you get once in a lifetime.”

(posted 1/27/14)