Relaxation + Romance = Honeymoons at North Beach Plantation

Relaxation + Romance = Honeymoons at North Beach Plantation

When it comes to honeymoons, many couples are so relieved to be done with the stress of planning a wedding that all they want to do is relax and enjoy some time alone together. And that’s easy to do at North Beach Plantation. But if you’d like to plan something special for your new bride or groom, we’ve got plenty of ideas and are happy to help out.

As far as in-room services, “I can do just about anything the couple would like,” said John Mungavin, general manager of food and beverage at North Beach Plantation. “I’ve had a chef in the room cooking a special meal for the newlyweds. Other people just want champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries in the room.”

But there are also other amenities at North Beach Plantation that are perfect for newlyweds on a honeymoon. “You can really make a whole day of it here on the property. Start off with breakfast. Then we have a great spa, they can do couple’s massages. And then they can have dinner at 21 Main,” he said, referring to North Beach Plantation’s elegant steakhouse and raw bar where you can enjoy some of the finest food available on the Grand Strand.  

“Really, a lot of people, once they get to the honeymoon, they just want to relax and hang out and be served by the pool. I mean, we can do something extravagant. We once had a couple who dined right on the beach, and I had a chef out there preparing everything tableside. But if they’re burned out from the wedding and just want to hang out, we can do that,” Mungavin said. “We can set them up in a cabana and leave them be.”

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Posted 9/30/13