Tips for Destination Weddings: Finding Vendors

Tips for Destination Weddings: Finding Vendors

If you’re getting married in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, or any other exotic locale, chances are you could use a few planning tips for destination weddings. There are plenty of considerations, from invitations to food to what to wear for a beach wedding, but one question comes up again and again:

How do you select the right vendors when you’re planning a destination wedding?

Here are a few tips:

• Consider a visit.

Many wedding planning experts suggest taking at least one planning trip to your wedding destination. Seeing the locations of the ceremony and reception will make all the difference in your planning and staying at the hotel you’re considering having your entire family rely upon will help you really see what you’re in for.

Plus, while you’re visiting, you can make appointments with wedding vendors to taste food, meet photographers and videographers and see the handiwork of florists in person. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get away one more time before you tie the knot.

• If you can’t meet your vendors, then ask if you can do a video chat.

With tools like Skype, no one’s a stranger! You may not be able to taste the cake from afar, but you will be able to ask every question without wearing your fingers to the bone sending emails back and forth.

• Do your research.

The beauty of our connected world means that reviews are available for every travel question out there, including destination weddings in the Myrtle Beach area. So don’t be afraid to dig around and look for reviews. You may even ask the vendor if they have clients who wouldn’t mind speaking to you about the service they received. It could be telling, not just to see the photos from that gorgeous beach wedding, but also to hear the story from the bride about how the photographer made her feel comfortable and how quickly the photos were edited and processed. 

• Consider hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding planner can save you untold time and stress by making sure the details are thought of in advance and assuring any issues that come up the day of your destination wedding aren’t your problem to deal with. For that, they’re worth their weight in gold.

Best yet, an experienced wedding planner will already know the vendors in the area, and will probably be able to recommend the best. That’s the kind of word of mouth you can put stock in, because the planner’s reputation is on the line!

What else? Do you have tips for destination weddings in Myrtle Beach or elsewhere? Share your ideas and lessons learned in the Myrtle Beach travel forum.

Posted 4/21/13