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We invite you to come take an interactive tour of North Beach Plantation. Learn all about our amenities and accommodations, enjoy highlighting clips of favorite area courses, and check out what is fun to do in town. With these short video clips, you'll have a first hand look at all you can enjoy during your next stay.

Little River Fishing Fleet

Come experience Little River Fishing Fleet for a day of outdoor fishing and water adventures.

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“Hi, my name is Cameron Sebastian. I’m the Operations Manager for the Little River Fishing Fleet. We operate three different vessels that go out of the Little River area right here – a 90ft vessel, Proud of the Carolinas; a 40ft vessel, Safari 4; and a 40ft vessel, Sundancer.

“We take people fishing of all ages and all stages of life. We take them out there and show them a great time on the Atlantic Ocean, anywhere from a nice, easy fun half-day trip to a to a big, all-day dolphin, tuna, Wahoo trip. We bottom-fish for grouper, snapper, and have all kinds of great stuff available through the Little River Coastal Fleet.

“One of the things that makes Little River Fishing Fleet different than some of the other groups is we take less people on board our vessel to ensure you have a great time, have room to fish, and the crew members can give you awesome customer service. That’s one of our biggest goals and objectives – to make sure you are having fun while you’re out there fishing with us.

“So the best way to get in touch with us is locally through our phone number, 843-249-1100, and of course you can always get us on the net at We answer the phones 24 hours a day.”

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