5 Reasons to Start Planning Your Spring Vacation to the Beach

Before you relax on the beach, you must plan your spring escape.

Picking a date for your North Myrtle Beach excursion can also help cold winter days pass quicker. Every day you’re a step closer to calabash seafood, stellar golf, and the birthplace of shag dancing. If that doesn’t excite you, what will?

Here are reasons getting itineraries knocked out now is a great idea.

5 Reasons to Plan Your Spring North Myrtle Beach Escape Early

1. Great rates

The tourism industry in North Myrtle Beach is revving up for summer during the spring. It’s also coming out of a degree of winter dormancy, so rates will be climbing out of that.

Pro tip: Write down preferences for the ideal room before you book. Ask for an oceanfront view, suite, whatever makes it for you.

2. Better room availability

If it isn’t Bike Week or Independence Day weekend, you’ll have a wider selection of rooms to choose from. Rather than take what’s available, pick a place closer to attractions you may want to visit. Room types to accommodate your party will also be easier to find in the spring as opposed to summer.

Pro tip: If you’re not coming to North Myrtle Beach for a specific spring holiday, avoid them all together. These include Easter, Father’s Day, Mardi Gras, and more. Oh, and spring break!

North Beach 2 Bedroom St. Kitts Old Appleton Way Living Room

3. Escape the cruel weather

An escape to the Grand Strand could be coming during harsh weather where you live. And chilly conditions might still be there when you come home! So a break from the ice for something nice could be a great preview of a summer trip back to North Myrtle Beach.

Pro tip: Plan on carrying a water bottle all the time when you get here. Begin hydrating more while you’re at home, before your trip. Even a slight change in climate can have an adverse effect on your body if you’re not acclimated.

4. You have something amazing to look forward to

Planning ahead can boost feelings of optimism and gratitude. You’ll feel in control of part of your future, carving out days to escape everyday life with a Grand Strand escape. Anticipation is a great motivator to power through the tougher days along the way.

Pro tip: Plan a getaway for the sole purpose of giving yourself something to look forward to doing. Even a weekend getaway can do wonders during these difficult couple of years we’ve endured.

peaceful beach and ocean

5. Enjoy relaxing at the pool at North Beach Resort & Villas

You’ll have more room than usual at your resort, so why not pick a nice one? Enjoy an ideal location at North Beach, with a friendly staff and fantastic views. It’s also a great place to have your family reunion or company trip. Learn more and book your stay today.

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