A DIY Meal With Vacation-Worthy Ease: The Beach Charcuterie Board

When it comes to do-it-yourself meal possibilities during a vacation, few options are more fit for a getaway than a charcuterie board. After all, preparing a charcuterie board requires minimal effort — which is a big part of what a vacation (and especially a beach vacation) is all about. It’s also a highly flexible option, allowing you to choose your favorites from a broad array of meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables to ensure it’s a crowd-pleaser.


Further, as a quick, simple and filling meal, a charcuterie board can be the perfect choice for a beach trip with nearly any size vacation crew — whether it’s a getaway for two, a trip with friends, a family vacation or a family reunion. And considering its portability, the meal can easily be taken almost anywhere, including onto the beach itself.


When making your next vacation charcuterie board, consider the following tips and guidelines.

What Should the Charcuterie Board Include?

To ensure that everyone in your group is well-fed, consider these guidelines from the bits + bites blog regarding the optimal size and contents of your charcuterie board:


  •           2-9 people

o      Two cheeses (one hard, one soft)

o      One meat

o      One fruit or veggie

o      One spread


  •           10-20 people

o      Three cheeses (one hard, one pungent, one sweet)

o      Two meats

o      Two fruits and/or veggies

o      One spread

o      One pickled item


  •           21-30 people

o      Four cheeses (one hard, one pungent, one semi-soft, one sweet)

o      Two to three meats

o      Two fruits and/or veggies

o      Two spreads (one savory, one sweet)

o      One pickled item


meat and cheese board

Tips for Adding Extra Appeal to Your Charcuterie Board

While the charcuterie board’s prep process is straightforward and simple, it offers plenty of ways to make your presentation shine. Consider these ways to ensure a magnificent meal:

1. Serve It With Your Own Style

When you’re making a charcuterie board, there are guidelines, but no rules. Charcuterie boards can be Whole30, vegetarian, carnivore-heavy, dollar-store inspired … The possibilities are endless!

Of course, if you oppose any item suggested here or otherwise, you can leave it off. If you love food that isn’t included, you can add it!


Recommendation: By keeping items of the same type from touching, you can add more contrast to your board. So don’t bunch the parmesan up with the Brie, and put some distance between the pepperoni and the salami.

2. Build It With Small Bowls

Using small bowls to separate certain foods (especially the ones most prone to moving and mixing) will add cleanliness and convenience — and prevent them from going to war with one another. When assembling your board, add these in-bowl items first, so that you don’t have to move other items around to fit them in.


Recommendation: Bowls are great homes for sauces and awkwardly shaped foods. Consider filling them with items such as fresh berries, marinated olives, artichoke hearts and sweet peppers. Surround the bowls with items like dried fruit and nuts.

3. Knock It Out in Advance

To cut down on the prep work required when your party arrives, working a bit ahead on your charcuterie board. It can be built a few hours ahead of time, then wrapped in plastic and stored in the fridge.


Recommendation: To set a festive scene, pull your charcuterie board out a half-hour before your first guests are expected to arrive.

4. Crack Out the Crackers

 Crackers, of course, serve as a great partner to the meat and cheese on your board. Ideal options here include buttery, flaky and grain crackers. Another solid option: Water crackers, which don’t have much flavor — allowing other savory foods to steal the spotlight..


Recommendation: Whether served up stacked, in a row or fanned out, crackers can add to the visual appeal of your charcuterie board. Consider incorporating a variety of them, and even sliced bread.

Area Options for Grabbing Your Groceries

There are plenty of great options within a short drive of North Beach Resort & Villas for grabbing the items you’ll need to assemble your charcuterie board. A few of them include:

  •     Food Lion, 3924 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach or 1000 Highway 17 North, North Myrtle Beach
  •     Barefoot Market & Café, 4920 Village Hill Drive, North Myrtle Beach
  •     Kroger, 781 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach or 9610 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach
  •     IGA, 212 Sea Mountain Highway, North Myrtle Beach or 8729 South Carolina Highway 90, Longs
  •     ALDI, 244 Highway 17 North, North Myrtle Beach
  •     Publix, 1576 Highway 17 North, North Myrtle Beach
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