Best Happy Hour Cocktails for Myrtle Beach

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You've got your Myrtle Beach vacation check list: Swimsuit? Check. Flip-flops? Check, check. Blender? Oh no, we forgot to pack the blender.

Never fear, you can always head to the hotel pool bar and order up something special. Or hit one of the many happy hours around town. Whether you make your own or go out for a few afternoon cocktails, it's always happy hour in Myrtle Beach when you have a tall glass of these popular drink favorite:

* Margaritas: Over the rocks or on ice, salted rim or slice if lime, nothing hits the spot like this Mexican classic. Simply mix two parts sour to one part tequila and a splash of juice and you've got an instant fiesta. Many bars have spiced up the old recipe with additional flavors, like Margaritaville's new Raspberry Margarita, and many Mexican restaurants offer discounted 'ritas for happy hour.

* Pina Coladas: Invented by a bartender in Puerto Rico in the 1950s, this equal combination of pineapple juice, coconut milk and rum is a beachside staple around the world. These are best frozen or at least in a slurry state, so don't try these at home (or in your hotel) without the right ice chunks, or leave this one to the pros at your local beach bar.

* Bay Breeze: The name says it all, and it's one you can easily make and shake in your room and enjoy on the hotel balcony overlooking the ocean. Mix vodka, grapefruit juice and a splash of cranberry juice over ice and relax. Feel free to get creative with the many new lines of flavored vodka to kick it up a notch.

* Tequila Sunrise: The Eagles wrote a song about this south-of-the-border citrus drink in the 1970s and some still swear by it 40 years later. Two parts orange juice (fresh squeezed makes all the difference) and one part tequila, the “sunrise” comes from the splash of Grenadine that floats to the bottom and forms the colors of the rising sun, although sunset is when this drink tastes best.

* Daiquiris: Pick your favorite fruit juice and get creative with this Caribbean classic. All you need is run, sugar, lime and your imagination when it comes to flavor – strawberry, orange, grape, you name it. Named for a beach in Cuba, this sweet treat is now the basis for many beach bars at happy hour.

(posted 5/27/14)