Best Spots for Christmas Card Photos Near North Beach Resort & Villas

Take family photos for Christmas cards at any of these stunning locations near North Beach Resort in N. Myrtle Beach  to give your holiday greetings extra cheer this year. Posing in front of the Grand Strand’s most scenic landscapes makes getting perfect portraits a snap.


If you’re traveling far for pictures, leave the props at home or bring easy-to-pack Santa hats. You don’t need to overthink your outfits: This is still a vacation, so select comfortable, casual clothing. Aim for neutral colors that let the natural surroundings—and your family’s smiling faces—shine through.


The holiday season will be here soon, so start planning your vacation at North Beach Resort now to capture fantastic, fun family photos in time for your holiday mailing. Explore these picturesque locations to find the best one for snapshots worthy of Christmas cards:

The Beach

Taking family photos on the shores of North Myrtle Beach, where the white sand recalls snow-covered ground, offers plenty of options for serious or silly snapshots. Let’s face it—the beach is one of the most challenging locations to keep everyone focused on the camera instead of playing in the surf. The kids might get wet and sandy, but don’t sweat it. Get your posed pictures standing in front of the dunes with the endless blue behind you, and then loosen the reins and have fun. Make snow angels in the sand, try silly smiles wearing Santa hats, and pose in front of a sandcastle. The beach outside of North Beach Resort is low-key and less crowded, so find a secluded spot steps from your condo and snap away.

Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens is an hour’s drive from North Beach Resort, but this magical spot is worth it. The lush gardens and vibrant landscaping add eye-catching pops of color to Christmas card photos. Make memories (and capture fantastic pictures) in every area of this exciting nature preserve. Pose in front of spectacular rose bushes, arrange your family in the sun-streaked shadows of 250-year-old live Oak trees, and get snapshots of your kids’ faces lighting up as they enter the colorful, enchanting butterfly garden. If you sense a meltdown coming or you’ve caught a rare rain shower—or if you simply want to explore without being burdened by a camera, your admission is good for seven consecutive days. Keep in mind that many creative works on display at Brookgreen Gardens may not be reproduced—even on your holiday cards—so play it safe and exclude artwork from your family’s photo session.

peaceful beach and ocean

2nd Avenue Pier

Just six miles from North Beach Resort is the 2nd Avenue Pier, a stunning spot for Christmas card photos. Arrive early to beat the crowds so your cards look like you have the entire pier to yourselves. Capture a few pictures from the beach with the impressive silhouette behind you. Walk the pier to get expansive ocean views and interesting perspectives. Rent fishing rods from the tackle shop and get action shots with genuine smiles. Stand together a little way off from the camera to highlight the vast ocean as the pier appears to vanish on the horizon. For a lighthearted, staged pose, hook an ornament or a Christmas stocking to a fishing rod in place of the bait.

Myrtle Beach State Park

The Myrtle Beach State Park is a popular destination for family photos for Christmas cards, or for any occasion. This area is only 20 miles from North Beach Resort and offers every imaginable backdrop from marsh grass to sandy beaches and large, mature trees. The park is open from early morning to late in the evening so you can plan to avoid crowds and take advantage of any natural lighting you want. Explore the play areas and trails to get antsy kids ready to pose. Who knows: You just might get the winning shot when you least expect it.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Travel 12 miles from North Beach Resort to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk to feature a mix of neon lights and natural colors in your Christmas card photos. Head here after dusk to use The SkyWheel as a bright, dramatic backdrop. On a clear evening, the sunset sky streaked with pink, purple, and orange hues creates a jaw-dropping background. For a neutral setting, pose on the wooden boardwalk and sandy shore.

Tips for Successful Family Photos

Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer or inviting a family member along to capture your Christmas card pictures, keep these tips in mind to make your photo shoot a success:

  • Simple, coordinating outfits will complement any surroundings and greeting card graphics.
  • Choose hairstyles that can work in the wind and bring along hair ties or headbands in case you need a quick fix mid-shoot.
  • For gorgeous natural lighting, strike a pose during the golden hour—one hour before sunset.
  • Relax and make memories and let the photos capture each individual personality.
  • Make plans to arrive early to avoid crowds, and choose more secluded beaches, like those outside of North Beach Resort.

Stay at Picturesque North Beach Resort

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