Can-Am Days Festival Returns to Myrtle Beach

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What happens when the True North meets the Deep South?

Eight days of springy, beach-y, good neighborly fun, that’s what.

The 54th Annual Can-Am Days Festival returns to Myrtle Beach March 14-22, and promises all the fun, beauty and hospitality the Grand Strand is known for. Not to be overlooked, all activities are easily accessed from the idyllic (and slightly quieter) perch of the Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort.

Why Can-Am (short for Canadian-American)? Well, any non-southerner can attest what March is like due north of us — cold, bleak, and seemingly endless. Down here? Well, it’s warm, sunny and downright delightful and we want you all to see it. This is a no-brainer.

Every year since 1961, thousands of Canadians and weather-weary American snowbirds flock to our sandy shores for music, kids activities, events, discounts, golf tournaments and more. Did we mention the weather? The festival has been named on of the top 20 events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society for over 10 years and running. It’s a meticulously run event that lures gaggles, and for good reason.

Recent years have welcomed up to 100,000 out-of-towners, and while the official line-up of events has not been announced, it coincides with St. Patrick’s Day and all the revelry we enjoy down here, including the North Myrtle Beach parade happening on the kick-off day of the festival. In addition, restaurants, attractions and activities are waiting with open arms to embrace our chilly, chilly northerner friends.

Considering making the trip? Well, you’ve got just enough time to book travel and accommodations. Myrtle Beach International Airport welcomes a select number of direct flights from certain airlines, such as Porter flights from Toronto, as well as a number of easy, one-stop flights from other carriers. As the weather warms and the busy season commences, more domestic non-stops are added as well, such as Spirit’s service to and from both Detroit and Chicago. Detroit is often a good option for folks hailing from southern Ontario, and you can save big on travel costs. Coming from the Windy City? Snag those tickets soon for under $150.

Hotels and inns all across the area beckon with deals and incentives, but Litchfield Beach & Golf offers a significant 20 percent discount on seven-day stays, starting at $63 a day (including discount). While we love Myrtle Beach, we like to entice folks to consider staying in the South Strand for a little more quiet, a little less traffic and the easy option of getting back and forth with no hassle. 

Golfers can customize packages to save big on tee times, and this is where being slightly out of the epicenter of activity has additional perks — more options.

What to bring? Well, not the goose down jacket, that’s for sure. March highs average in the upper 60s (with lows in the mid-40s) … that’s 20 and 7 or so degrees in Celsius. Warm and comfortable, in other words. Light layers and good walking shoes are always recommended, as we’re a casual crew down here. It is the beach, after all. A light jacket is handy for the cooler evenings, and don’t forget the sunglasses — having survived a dark, dreary winter you may have forgotten you had them.

Check back here soon for an updated calendar of events and here for more Canadian travel information. The event, and its concert series, is sponsored by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Have you ever been to Can-Am Days before? What did you think? Any advice for new visitors?


(Posted: 1/30/15)