Check Out Watersports Rentals in North Myrtle Beach

Something about being out on the open sea is enough to captivate any beach-loving visitor.

Whether that vision was on a jet ski in the ocean or a paddleboard in the marsh tells a lot about your sense of adventure. North Myrtle Beach has so many options for satisfying this yearning for action. Even if you don’t own your dream vessel, you can rent one.

We’ve broken down the most popular means of locomotion available to guide you to your next excursion.

Tips to know before you rent

Renting watersports gear is quick and easy. Here are a few things to pause and consider before you get started.

Know what you want

Consider your traveling party numbers, ages, and abilities. Parasailing with your preteen kids might not be as great an idea as kayak rentals.

Check on licenses or certifications

Most craft don’t need special licenses to operate. Check with the shop when you make your reservation.

Make a reservation

When you plan your trip, plan your watersports outing. Especially in the summer, demand can skyrocket for the kind of fun you have in mind.

Family on a banana boat on the beach

A traveler’s guide to watersports rentals in Myrtle Beach

There are lots of choices. Here are the coolest ones.


What is it: It’s an inflatable, towed, unpowered recreation craft that can ride as many as 10 people. It’s yellow. And banana-shaped.

Thrill index: 9/10 — don’t let the name fool you, they can MOVE!

Ease to learn: 10/10 — Can you sit and hold on? You’re an expert.

Why is it cool? You can take a thrilling, rollercoaster ride, or ask your captain to chill it out for a cruise.

Where to rent it: Atlantic Watersports has Coast Guard licensed captains. Viva banana!


What is it: Also called a jet ski, it’s a vessel for one or two riders that uses a propulsion system for mobility.

Thrill index: 10/10 — oh the places you’ll go.

Ease to learn: 8/10 — pay attention during your lessons.

Why is it cool? Running the waves like a champ is awesome, regardless of whether you’ve ever seen Baywatch. Personal watercraft are great for high-speed thrills. But also for taking dolphin sight-seeing tours.

Where to rent it: Myrtle Beach Watersports offers tours and rentals.


What is it: A canopy wing a rider sits in, towed behind a vehicle. It’s designed to soar to heights of hundreds of feet above the water.

Thrill index: 10/10 — you’re the ultimate fly guy/girl.

Ease to learn: 8/10 — you don’t do much, but you do fly high.

Why is it cool? It’s both a thrill and serene. To get to that height, to fly above the ocean, is cool. And when you’re there, it’s tranquil.

Where to rent it: Aloha Watersports has an experienced crew to help all skill levels have a blast.


What is it: A kayak is a narrow watercraft with oars to propel it. A standup paddleboard is a surfboard-like device one stands on and moves by paddles.

People parasailing over the ocean

Thrill index: 10/10 — You’ll go cool places and see cool things.

Ease to learn: 9/10 — a pre-ride lesson ought to do it.

Why is it cool? You’re out, doing things. On a guided standup paddleboard tour, or exploring the marsh solo, you’re at the beach doing, not sitting.

Where to rent it: Kokopelli Surf Camp can teach you to ride either, or even surf — and rent you the good to go and do.

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