Come out and explore the natural beauty along the Grand Strand along the waterways.

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Take on a new look when you head to Myrtle Beach for your next family vacation at the Cottages of North Beach Plantation.  After spending a couple of days around the resort, it is time to go out and explore the area.  Try something new and see what a glass bottom Kayak Tour offers for a unique experience of the up-close view of the underwater habitat.  Grab the kids and paddle through the water and discover the hidden secrets below the surface.

Based out of North Myrtle Beach, Glass Bottom Kayak Tours offers trips with varying locations, times, distances and degrees of difficulty. Don’t think that the only views are below the surface, but you will see some of the most impressive views are above the water of the scenic surroundings. With five different tours to choose from, ranging from freshwater rivers to open ocean, Glass Bottom Kayak Tours has you covered:

* Cherry Grove Salt Marsh Tour: If you are looking for a tour that is perfect for families and nature-lovers wanting to broaden their horizons, this 2 1/2-hour guided tour will take you through the channels of the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve. This is a gentle paddle in the tides including incredible views of the Carolina Lowcountry, kayakers can witness rare birds and aquatic creatures in a natural setting, including occasional encounters with herons and dolphins.

* Private Island Shelling Tour: Paddle to a private o private island off the Carolina coast and experience the thrill of paddling out to an island paradise with this 3 1/2 to 4-hour trip. Follow your guide out to undeveloped Waites Island, dock your kayak and stretch out your legs while searching for rare seashells, sand dollars, sharks' teeth and more.

* Sea Turtle Tours: Paddle out to Waites Island for an amazing peek into the secretive life of turtles. Older females bury their eggs in the dense dunes, where hatchlings begin their journey to the sea. Although the odds of survival aren't in their favor, these ancient creatures instinctively return to this site year after year to ensure the continuation of the species. See the nests and, if you are lucky, a hatching.

* Sunset Tour: This tour is gaining in popularity as patrons post breath-taking photos on social media. As the sun sinks low in the western sky, patrons get a lovely vista of the colorful clouds and streaking sunlight. If you are lucky enough to book this tour on a full moon night, you get an added bonus of watching the moon rise over the ocean to the east.

* Waccamaw River Tour: The Waccamaw River runs from Lake Waccamaw just over the state line in North Carolina and flows south to the Grand Strand before merging with the Intracoastal Waterway. This dark-water river is teeming with wildlife and the natural beauty of maritime woodlands and Lowcountry wetlands. A shuttle takes kayakers up river so they enjoy the ride back down to their waiting vehicles.

Glass Bottom Kayak Tours offers solo and tandem kayaks, life preservers, paddles and the kayaks themselves, along with knowledgeable guides who can have first-time kayakers paddling like a pro in no time. For more information or to book a tour, visit

Even if you have been to Myrtle Beach and have your favorite places to visit, try something new this time and become one with nature.  As a guest at Cottages of North Beach Plantation, your location allows you to do this.  We look forward to seeing you soon.