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Any pizza parlor will let you choose the toppings you want, but at MOD, your group doesn't have to agree on a combination of toppings that everyone is willing to eat. For one reasonable price, each individual gets a salad and their own pizza with as few or as many toppings as they want!

MOD is set up with a buffet-style array of toppings. There are more than thirty different meats and veggies from which to choose, with a selection of drizzle sauces to top it off at the end.  Move down the assembly line of options and let the MOD creators know which toppings you want to include on your pizza, and they will build your perfect pizza right to your specifications! Then it’s into the oven and out to your table, fast, fresh and deliciously perfect.

Can’t make up your mind with so many tempting topping combinations? That’s okay! The prices at MOD are impressively low, so you can take a chance on some new flavors and still go back for seconds without breaking the budget.

Pre-designed topping combinations are also available, as well as larger sized pizzas. If you just want a mega pepperoni pizza to take home, MOD can certainly do that for you, and it will be made to order just as fresh and delicious as the personal sizes! MOD also has gluten-free crusts, and they are happy to accommodate any other food allergies to make sure the pizzas are not only delicious but safe for everyone to enjoy.

This summer, MOD is featuring the Crosby pizza, topped with roasted asparagus and mild sausage over their homemade red sauce and mozzarella cheese, and finished off with a tangy-sweet fig glaze. Pair it with their summer milkshake special, the Lemon Drop!

The reviews are in, and MOD Pizza is already a hit in North Myrtle Beach. They do not offer delivery, but their convenient location and endless topping choices make it worth the short drive. MOD Pizza is located on Highway 17, just a few miles from North Beach Plantation. Your family will love the fun and novelty of creating their own personal pizzas at MOD