Don’t Forget to Pack These Items for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

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Packing for your Myrtle Beach vacation? Add some of these oft-forgotten items to your  check list:

Beach Bag: You've got all your things together for a day at the beach except one – something to pack it in. Be sure to bring a beach bag or a big tote to carry it all. Towels, sunscreen, water wings for the kids – you can squeeze a lot into a good-sized bag and make your life a lot easier with fewer trips back and forth between your room and the beach.

Blanket: Ever try to squeeze your entire body onto a towel? You get sand on your feet and elbows and eventually other spots on your sunscreen-sticky skin. In order to stay relatively sand-free, you need a decent-sized beach blanket you can use to really stretch out and relax. Two tips: Place something heavy enough to hold down the blanket in the ocean breeze on all four corners, and don't set up too close to the water during rising tide or the rest of your day will be a literal wet blanket.

Chairs: Lifeguards are licensed to rent beach chairs and umbrellas inside the city limits of Myrtle Beach, but it can be pricy. Some beachgoers think it's worth it since it prevents them from having to drag around a bunch of beach furniture, but you can save a lot of money by bringing your own seat. The collapsing chairs with carrying cases are ideal for comfort and convenience.

Flip-flops: Few things are more frustrating than a tennis shoe full of sand, but you still see some folks strolling down to the beach in loosely laced sneakers because they forgot to toss a pair of flip-flops in their bag, or refuse to spend a few bucks to buy some. Even the cheap, unfashionable ones serve an essential purpose. They keep you from burning your feet on the sand and bring half the beach back with you in your shoes. Best of all, you rinse them off, kick them back on your feet and you are good to go.

Games/Toys: One would think a kid could stay easily occupied with all the sand, surf and sun on the beach, but it doesn't take long for them to get bored. The entertainment value of a plastic shovel and bucket, a Frisbee or a boogie board are well worth a trip to the beachwear store. Or save yourself a trip and some money by bringing games from home, like a corn hole set or a football. Even grownups enjoy a little kids play on the beach.

Plastic Bags: These household items have more purposes than carrying groceries or packing school lunches when you come to the beach. Ziplock bags are perfect for keeping valuables from getting wet or sandy, especially cell phones. You can even answer calls and texts while its zipped safely inside. The tote-style grocery bags are great to bring along as a trash bag, as snack wrappers and water bottles can pile up quickly and blow around on the beach. There are city trash cans located at every beach access.

Skin Care: Sunscreen is the obvious one, preferably waterproof with a high SPF rating. But your skin also needs a little extra love at after a day at the beach. Be sure to pack a moisturizer and apply it after a shower, before you go to bed and first thing in the morning. Dehydration is a threat to your skin as much as your health, so be sure to drink lots of water, and bring along some lip balm for those dry, chapped lips.


(Posted: 7/14/15)