Eight Fun Apps to Make your Grand Strand Vacation a Snap

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Vacations are supposed to be fun, so the less time you can spend planning and organizing the more time for play. Fortunately, the market has seen a recent eruption in new travel-related mobile apps that can help make your trip a snap.

There’s no need for one of the many hotel-finding apps since you’ve already found the ultimate accommodations on the Grand Strand at North Beach Cottages. But for everything else you do during your stay, check out these helpful apps to take your vacation experience to the next level:

* Google Trips: Leave it to Google to create the one-stop app for vacationers. Google integrates the wealth of information under its umbrella to help visitors find their way around, rent a car, make reservations at restaurants and theaters, recommend where to go, things to do and places to see.

* Hopper: Download this app well before your vacation and find the best deals on airline tickets, rental cars and everything else you need to make your trip complete. This app claims it can save passengers up to 40 percent on airfare and can book a flight in one minute or less.

* MBACC: The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce offers this free mobile app to help visitors connect with the community and area businesses. Search for stores, events, deals, connect directly with local businesses, and get all the latest news with this app.

* Myrtle Beach Golf: This app might not lower your handicap, but it will make your Myrtle Beach golf vacation a snap. Find information on more than 80 championship golf courses on the Grand Strand and book your tee times with the touch of a button. Save money with special deals and app-only discounts, find your way around town to area attractions, restaurants and nightlife, and catch up on the local golf scene with access to On The Green Magazine.

* On The Beach: Featuring access to all the latest local information via On The Beach Magazine, this app can help you find everything you need to enjoy the perfect Grand Strand getaway. Get info and directions to local entertainment venues, restaurants, attractions and more, and use the “Around Me” function to discover some off the beaten path places. Offering special deals and app-only coupons, users literally hold their key to Myrtle Beach in the palm of their hands.

* PackPoint: Packing for your vacation can be a real hassle, but PackPoint makes the process a lot easier. This helpful app tracks the weather forecast, events calendar and more for your visit and recommends what to pack. It can even help you schedule your desired activities for you.

* Uber: The best way to get around the Grand Strand is to leave the driving to someone else, especially if you plan on having a couple of drinks while you are out on the town. The Myrtle Beach area has a stable of Uber drivers who can get you to your destination quickly and safely.

* WhatsApp: Keep in contact with the folks back home and with friends and family members around town with this popular app. WhatsApp now has more than one billion users worldwide, so there's a good chance you can chat with everyone you need to with one simple app.

Now that you are armed with all the technology you need with a single swipe, you can relax and enjoy your vacation at North Beach Cottages. Let your fingers do the walking while you kick back and relax.