Enjoy National Beach Day at The Grand Strand!

dad playing waterguns with daughter

August 30th is National Beach Day! With sixty miles of beautiful coastal Carolina beach, The Grand Strand is the perfect destination to enjoy a summer day on the sand or in the surf. If you need some ideas on how to make the most of National Beach Day, keep reading for a list of great suggestions:

little girl on beach at sunset

  • Catch the sunrise: Start National Beach Day off right. Wake up early, with the birds and the dolphins, and watch the sun come up over the ocean.
  • Take a morning walk: grab your coffee, kick off your shoes, and refresh your soul with a stroll along the water.
  • Play catch: All it takes is a ball or frisbee and a friend.
  • Search for seashells and shark teeth: It was fun when you were five… and it still is. Bring the kids and it’s even better.
  • Enjoy a picnic: breakfast, brunch, lunch, or a simple snack, everything tastes better on the beach.
  • Go fishing: no boat necessary… cast your line from the sand, from a pier, or wade into the water.
  • Take a nap: all those sound machines that help you sleep? They’ve got nothing on the actual ocean.
  • Watch the sunset: Turn your back to the water and look west, as you toast another perfect day at the beach.


However you spend National Beach Day, here’s hoping it’s fun, memorable and safe. We look forward to seeing you in Myrtle Beach.