Experience the Thrill of Skydiving in North Myrtle Beach

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You've heard the old expression “Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?” It's funny line, but you will never hear those words come from the lips of someone who has been skydiving. For them, the answer is easy: Just for the thrill of it.

Skydiving is one of the most popular adventure sports for many reasons, whether it's the adrenaline rush of taking the first step out the window or the incredible feel of freefalling, skydiving provides the ultimate experience for those with enough nerve to try it.

Fortunately for guests at North Beach Plantation, you don't have to travel very far to experience the top skydiving outfitter on the Grand Strand. Located at the North Myrtle Beach Airport just 2 miles south of the resort, Myrtle Beach Skydiving can have you can be suited it and soaring through the sky in a matter of hours.

Myrtle Beach Skydiving offers the best training and most modern equipment available to provide you and your group with a safe yet thrilling experience. Adhering to all USPA (United States Parachuting Association) regulations, a professionally maintained fleet of airplanes, and the latest gear and equipment, Myrtle Beach Skydiving provides a safe environment to scratch this adventure off your bucket list.

Patrons have two options for skydiving: the tandem jump, which is recommended for first-timers, and a solo jump, which requires more training and is designed for more experienced skydivers. However, both types of jumps are available to first-timers who are up for the additional training under the careful eye of Myrtle Beach Skydiving's experienced guides and pilots.

Tandem jumps involve only 1-2 hours of ground training before strapping into a parachute made for two – you and a certified instructor, who will show you the ropes and be with you for every thrilling second. Level 1 Tandem is designed to introduce divers to the proper arching position, altitude awareness, freefall turns, parachute deployment and canopy control. Level 2 is performed at a higher altitude of 5,000 feet and features more freefall time and landing lessons. Level 3 provides divers with advanced experience, such as 360-degree freefall turns and canopy steering, that will come in handy if you decide to go to the next level of solo jumping.

Solo jumps requires 4-6 hours of ground training at the Myrtle Beach Skydiving School. Students learn the same lessons they can receive through tandem training before taking the big step all by themselves. Instructors are in constant radio contact with the student to ensure a smooth and exciting jump, and you will be certified to make more solo leaps in the future without the ground training. Packages are available to provide you with plenty of opportunities to experience the thrill of skydiving for yourself.

Myrtle Beach Skydiving offers trips up to 10,000 to 14,000 feet, giving patrons plenty of time to enjoy the view and the rush. Relive the experience and share it with others with an official Myrtle Beach Skydiving video and photo package, which provides you with a lifetime of memories in the form of action shots or live video with a Go-Pro camera mounted on your helmet. Once your feet hit the ground, you will already be dreaming of your next jump. Let Myrtle Beach Skydiving introduce you to the thrill of a lifetime.

Anyone interested in booking a trip with Myrtle Beach Skydiving should make advanced reservations by calling 800-314-4067. This allows the outfitter to schedule pilots, instructors and photographers to make your skydiving experience go off without a hitch.


(Posted: 7/27/15)