Fall Getaways to Myrtle Beach – 3 Great Reasons to Plan Today

While the hot Carolina sunshine can be the perfect excuse to splash in the waves all day long, cooler weather usually comes as a reprieve after a long, hot summer. But while many parts of the country are starting to think about snow plows and extra layers, Myrtle Beach is still wearing flip-flops and soaking in ideal weather conditions. Whether you want to hit the golf course, explore nature trails, enjoy live music, or simply unplug and unwind on the beach, there’s plenty of fun and enjoyment to be had long after the back-to-school posters start going up.


In fact, many visitors — and a large part of the local population — claim that fall is the very best season to be in Myrtle Beach. Check out the following three reasons why we love this area in the fall, and decide for yourself!

#1 Fewer Crowds

It’s no secret that Myrtle Beach attracts visitors from all around the globe — and for good reasons! After the peak summer season has subsided, though, you’ll find that top attractions, family activities and even the beach simply hold fewer people. Fewer vacationers mean shorter waits at restaurants, fewer lines at attractions and plenty of space to plop down in the sand and make sand angels, should you feel so inclined. By waiting a few extra weeks for the summer vacationers to pack up their bags and head home, you’ll have plenty of room to soak in the best that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

#2 Special Seasonal Rates

As an added incentive to visit in the fall, many area hotels offer low rates or special packages during the autumn season — including North Beach Cottages! From our “Thanksgiving by the Beach” package to other seasonal deals, you’ll likely get more bang for your buck when you visit Myrtle Beach in the off-season. Local restaurants and entertainment often offer family specials to save you money during fall as well, which is especially beneficial to the budget-savvy vacation planner!

#3 Better weather

Yep — we said it. Although the hats and gloves start making an appearance in other parts of the country around this time, you won’t have to say farewell to warm sunshine just yet here. Better still, you get all that glorious sunshine with a whole lot less humidity and heavy heat. Temperatures in the fall mornings around here are perfectly pleasant, and form the ideal conditions for a round of golf, a morning beach jog or leisurely oceanfront brunch. Then by afternoon, it’s still plenty warm enough to enjoy a beach day — bikini and all!

Whether for a family refresh before winter settles in, a golf getaway, a good ol’ weekend with the girls, or a romantic trip for two, make Myrtle Beach your new favorite fall destination.