Five Beach Toys to Keep the Kids Entertained

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Even on a Myrtle Beach vacation, it’s not enough just to take kids to the beach any more. The millennial generation needs to be entertained or they are quick to escape back into their cell phones and video games for amusement.

But there are several toys and games you can invest a few bucks in to keep them engaged and active on the beach. Not the cheap plastic toys from the bargain beachwear stores that the little ones break almost as soon as they open them. Here are five high-quality toys and games that will keep your little ones (and even the big ones in your party).

Cornhole: The game that revolutionized the tailgate party is also a hit on the beach. Featuring two wooden boards with holes in the center spaced about 30 feet apart, competitors toss bean bags through the hole of their opponents. Cornhole is a great team game so multiple players can take part at the same time, and you can always take a break from the heated competition with a cool dip in the ocean. Make a friendly wager, like losers buy the winners ice cream.

Frisbee: For more than 60 years, when college kids started flinging around pie tins for sport, the Frisbee has been a fixture for fun on the beach. Something about the ocean breeze blowing the floating discs in different directions and the thrill of running through the sand and surf to make a diving catch before it hits the ocean has a broad appeal to kids of all ages, even grown-ups who are still kids at heart. It's amazing that a $3 piece of plastic can create such a buzz on the beach but why ask questions if it's keeping them happy and occupied?

Kite: The high-tech beach kites used today aren't the thin paper models you played with as a kid. You know the ones that broke or got stuck in a tree within the first hour of use. Well, there are no trees on the beach, and the new breed of beach kites are designed to handle a stiff ocean breeze. In fact, the two-handed stunt kites are perfect for the beach. They require a bit of practice to master, but once you get a handle on it you can get hours of entertainment by performing stunts. You need at least nice 10-15 mph onshore wind, which is pretty common on the Grand Strand.

Myrtle Ball: Invented in Myrtle Beach, this beach game his grown in popularity around the nation for its fun and simplicity. Sort of like a cross between bocce and golf, Myrtle Ball involves a couple of shallow buckets that you bury so that the rim rests at ground level, and balls that players roll along the sand and try to drop in the cup. It’s best to play below the low tide line where the soft sand allows for smooth rolling and the buckets are easier to bury.

Shovel: It's surprising that kids can have such a good time playing with a tool that is designed for manual labor. You probably couldn't pay them enough to get them to dig in the garden back home. But on the beach, a shovel and some imagination go a long way for children of all ages. Dig for buried treasure, unique sea shells, or make a giant moat to surround your sand castle. One word of warning: Be sure to fill in any deep holes before you leave the beach so no one accidentally steps in it at night.


(Posted: 4/22/15)