Flying with Children: Getting to Myrtle Beach by Air

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Let’s face it: Travel by air isn’t the luxury it once was. Long lines, mediocre food and grumpy passengers are often on the agenda. And traveling with kids can bring added challenges. That said, plane treks are often a much better choice for travel to Myrtle Beach. They can be more affordable, save time or both, which translates to more time at the beach!

Being prepared can help you avoid some of the headaches that often accompany flying with children. Here are few tips and things you should know:

• Children 12 and younger can keep their shoes on through TSA screenings and they may walk through screeners such as metal detectors and imagers multiple times. They will also never be separated from their parents.
Collapse strollers while in line and put all kid gear that will fit, including car seats, strollers and slings, through the X-ray machines.
• All carry ons, including favorite blankets and stuffed animals, will have to be screened. You may want to prepare your kids by practicing “screening” a toy at home. If it feels like a familiar game, your child may react better.
• It’s OK to ask a security officer for help gathering your stuff as it comes off the metal detectors. In fact, they may appreciate your efforts to keep traffic flowing.
• “Medically necessary” liquids and gels, such as baby food, juice and breast milk are exempt from the TSA’s 3-1-1 (3 ounces max per liquid or gel, all packed in a 1 quart bag, with 1 bag per customer) rule. But you should only pack what is “medically necessary” for the trip. Larger quantities should be packed in checked luggage.
• If your kid is a joker, remind him or her that it’s illegal to make any kind of jokes about bombs.
• You may want to consider booking flights during non-peak travel times if your child/children (or you!) get stressed by crowds. Mondays through Wednesdays, midday and evening flight times can be less crowded.
Don’t skimp on in-flight entertainment and snacks, and don’t count on being able to buy snacks on the plane. If there’s a delay, the snack cart may not come down the aisle for quite awhile. In scenarios such as theses, \ having apple slices, pretzels, graham crackers and string cheese could be life-saving!
• Don’t forget to charge any entertainment devices the night before your trip!
• To maximize the entertainment value of your in-flight toys and games, bring them out one at a time, and put away the first before bringing out the next. This can help reduce the boredom factor.
• If you anticipate your child will be noisy, it may be best to choose a seat toward the back of the plane. The engine noise can muffle noisy kids.

Do you have tips on flying with children? Tell us what you do when you travel to Myrtle Beach to assure you have a stress-free voyage in the Myrtle Beach travel forum.

Posted 4/18/13