Get Out and Create at These Spots in North Myrtle Beach

Let’s revise the saying that you always leave a bit of your heart in Myrtle Beach. The point is true, but we can add to it. How about taking something you created with you when you leave Myrtle Beach?


Bet you didn’t know you could create your own wood signs, paintings, pottery, and more in North Myrtle Beach. Here are five ways to make your own keepsakes when visiting North Myrtle Beach.


617 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach | (843) 310-8775 | 5.1 miles from North Beach Resort & Villas

If you’re ready for your next do-it-yourself project but don’t want to mess up your house, this is your spot. Board & Brush Creative Studio hosts workshops on everything from woodworking to handbags. There’s even a workshop that allows you to pick a project as a group to take on individually.

It’s a cool way to add a piece you made yourself to your home decor. Board & Brush Creative Studio is also BYOB.


641 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach | (843) 491-4402 | 5.1 miles from North Beach Resort & Villas

You can get as complex as you like with projects at this studio. The Painted Potter Studio is a local, woman-owned, full-service creative studio. Join them to paint your own pottery, resin art, stoneware, and more. There is a vast selection of courses as well as helpful instructors.

They offer classes for all skill levels, and you can rent the space for DIY projects.


1210 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach | (843) 444-2646 | 10.9 miles from North Beach Resort & Villas

This place will make a strong case as the coolest DIY at the beach, at least for aficionados of 1:18 scale model cars. RideMakerz lets kids build their own dream auto on a replica chassis. With paint, body, and decals, countless combinations exist for custom experiences.

It’s a blast to pick out parts of your car and build it yourself. Choose from the Chevy Camaro, Ford Super Chief, RZ Vortex, and more.

Broadway at the beach overview


613 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach | (843) 663-9475 | 5.2 miles from North Beach Resort & Villas

Vacation is an ideal time to bake! Butter and Whisk Co. sells delectable baked goods but also offers culinary workshops for adults and kids. Learn about pasta and pairings, or the popular charcuterie class.

Have hands-on experience making something sweet from scratch — and make new friends, too. Eat what you make and bring something back to North Beach Resort for everyone!


925 1st Avenue South, North Myrtle Beach | (843) 839-4488 | 4.8 miles from North Beach Resort & Villas

Staying in a resort with a full kitchen, you have to have one home-cooked meal! North Myrtle Beach Farmers Market has all the fresh goods you need to make it a great day. There are some fantastic finds on local products, including baked goods (so you don’t have to prepare dessert!)

You’ll also enjoy interacting with vendors and shopping for handmade gift items. Come support the local artisans.

North Beach One Bedroom Condo Living Room


Chief among your objectives: Find a fantastic place to call home base for all your adventures. North Beach Resort & Villas fits the bill! Book an appointment at Cinzia Spa on-site to make this a relaxing experience.


Visit the swim-up bar, play cornhole, and enjoy breakfast at Seaside Cafe. Create the perfect summer getaway at North Beach Resort & Villas today.

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