Head South for a Fun Day in Georgetown

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Many guests at the Litchfield Beach Resort take a short trip north to Myrtle Beach for a full day of attractions, shopping and dining. But for an equally enjoyable but completely different experience, take the short drive south to the historic port city of Georgetown and the lovely Lowcountry scenery.

Located at the headwaters of the Black and Sampit Rivers and Intracoastal Waterway, Georgetown is the third oldest port in the nation. The combination of history and seafaring are still evident along the downtown district’s Harborwalk, where locals and tourists stroll from shop to café while fishing boats sail in and out of Winyah Bay. The view is especially spectacular at sunset, when visitors can enjoy fresh seafood and drinks and marvel at the colors painted on the sky and water.

The Harborwalk, which suffered a major fire in 2013 but is now re-opened for business, is the centerpiece of the downtown district, but visitors can take a turn down any side street and find rows of colonial-era and antebellum homes with histories that tell the story of this once-thriving rice and indigo production center. Visit the Rice Museum inside the Old Market Building, which was built in 1842 and features a large clock and bell tower. The Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church (circa 1750) and the Georgetown Hebrew Cemetery (circa 1772) are among the earliest of their kind in Colonial America.

The Civil War marked a period of change for the South, but particularly Georgetown, which became a haven for former slaves. They built and founded the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of several historic buildings that offer guided tours. So does the charming Kaminski House, owned by a former Confederate naval captain. The home has a towering crows’ nest so, according to legend, his wife and children could see him returning safely to port.

For a more natural experience, Georgetown offers excellent fishing opportunities both by at sea, inland and on the shore. Deep-sea fishing charters are available through Reserve Harbor Marina, Coastal Adventures and Top Knotch Fishing Charters. For hikers and nature lovers, Hobcaw Barony is a huge parcel of land located just north of the city where guests can explore the wetland and woodlands of the coastal Lowcountry, and there are several waterfront parks where families can gather for a picnic or a dip in the water.

For a fun one-day getaway, Georgetown, SC is a great place for a change of pace.

(posted 4/3/14)