Head This Way for Your Best Fishing in North Myrtle Beach

It’s likely if you’re coming to North Myrtle Beach, you have fishing on your mind. Coastal fishing is a unique experience. Especially when you have the choice of casting into the ocean from the shore or off a pier. Fishing here gives you so many options.

Plus, you can’t beat the scenery and laid-back vibe.

In North Myrtle Beach, there are a few areas where you’ll need a license. You’ll need one for surf or shore fishing. Many fishing charters have a license. Ask when you book. The price per day you pay for pier fishing includes the cost of a license.

Good Places to Cast a Line in North Myrtle

Take a haul of big-game trophies or a mess of smaller fish. Or, catch and release. Whatever your fishing game is, it’s here in North Myrtle Beach. Don’t forget your sunscreen and stay hydrated!


Venture far from the typical shallow water catch you’d nab at the pier and from the surf. There’s big game out there.


It’s a mixed technique between shore and boat fishing. Cast for an hour or for an afternoon.

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises

Take the family for an awesome experience with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing. Keep an eye out for dolphins as you head out. A friendly, knowledgeable guide will lead the way on the fastest party fishing boat in the area. The fleet includes three new high-powered John Deere HP 750 Turbo Vessels.

What’s biting? Amberjack, big cobia, grouper, grunts, king mackerel, large sea bass, Mahi dolphin, pink snappers, porgies, rudderfish, and triggerfish.

What to know: You can buy bait on board, and some types, they’ll give you for free. You can bring food, drinks, and canned drinks.

Cherry Grove Fishing Pier

There’s a friendly staff waiting at the bait shop, and an all-around great day for an individual or a family. Cherry Grove Pier is also a historical landmark, and a beautiful structure to boot. The kids will enjoy collecting seashells, too. Even if you’re not fishing, it’s a wonderful spot to watch what others haul in.


What’s biting: Black drum, bluefish, croaker, flounder, king mackerel, red drum, silver perch, Spanish mackerel, tarpon, tiger sharks, and whiting.

What to know: It has the area’s only two-story observation deck. It’s 985 feet long, and has hosted many record catches since it opened in the early 1950s.

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