Healthy Tips for the New Year

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If there’s one thing worse than heading out on that great (as in big, vast — not wonderful) new year’s pledge known as the “I’m Getting Healthy Once and For All” routine, it’s being reminded of ways in which we can get healthy once and for all.

Enough already. Can we please have the eggnog and cheese plates back?


But when getting back into the wellness frame of mind is delicious, fun, fascinating and rewarding, it’s a little easier to swallow. And when so many of these options are right outside your door near the Litchfield Beach & Golf resort, it’s even better.

And without further ado, here are five ways to embrace the healthy living thing in the South Strand.

1) Eating: This is often the hardest one. After a season of butterfat and 80 proof, lettuce leaves don’t exactly inspire. But eating healthful, whole foods often includes a rainbow of veggies and add-ons, often packed with flavor. Take for instance Pawleys Island Bakery. We know, we know —please bypass the mouth-watering baked goods and opt for their brown rice veggie burger, hummus wrap or vegetarian chili. These options are filling, healthy and tasty, and will assist you in putting your head down and walking out without a croissant-laden impulse purchase. Also do check out To Your Health health food store in Pawleys as well. The great thing about this movement is we’re not just talking about rubbery seitan and imitation chocolate — healthy eating is tastier and easier to access than ever.

2) Spending: Did you, like us, go a little overboard on the spending this season? Do you open your wallet and moths fly out? Time to cut back. But if you’re on vacation, that can be hard to do. Know what helps? Golfing. No, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but if you figure that now is the time to get the best rates of the year, you may as well get your fill in. In some instances, golfing in January versus the spring months may save you up to 45 percent. Plus, there’s a lot of walking involved, and that’s good for you. Which brings us to…

3) Exercising: Ugh. Where do we begin? How about downward-facing dog? Yoga imparts benefits bar beyond the cardiovascular; think improved flexibility, concentration, circulation, sense of peace, etc. We love Island Wave for their classes and workshops and they offer bundles if your zen is being stubborn.

4) Appreciating: The holidays are great, but can be jam-packed with stuff. Clear out the emotional clutter with some volunteering. The website  is an awesome way to find specific opportunities near you with causes you are most passionate about. If you’re in town with a car, consider visits to an assisted living facility or driving seniors to doctors appointments right in and around the South Strand. Just a few hours in service to others can make a world of difference in us.

5) Centering: A tried-and-true method of self-improvement actually takes “self”out of the equation altogether. Getting out in nature makes us and our problems seem oh-so small and insignificant, if just for a little bit. Hop in a kayak for a naturalist-guided eco tour of some of the more pristine wilderness areas of the South Strand. Black River Outdoors Center offers a few options for year-round tours, and range in length. Worrying about that winter weight or looming credit card bill? You won’t be, gliding through a salt marsh in the sunshine. Guaranteed.


What are your favorite healthful things to do in Pawleys Island? Let us know!


(Posted: 12/23/14)