Hit the Myrtle Beach Spots the Extra Mile’s Tyler Florence Did

In an episode of “The Extra Mile,” Tyler Florence got a little extra food around Myrtle Beach.

Florence, star of The Food Network show, was in town recently to film “The Great Food Truck Race.” Between shoots, Florence, a South Carolina native, went looking for eats.

Here’s what he found and what he thought of it.

Tyler’s Likes in Myrtle Beach

Watching a show such as “The Extra Mile” can revive your sense of culinary adventure. When staying in North Myrtle Beach, these eateries are worth the drive! Check out what he drummed up on his visit.

Peaches Corner

Tyler determined that a break in the filming was a great chance to sneak away for grub. He wound up at Peaches Corner, a restaurant older than Myrtle Beach itself! You’ll make friends with this affable staff and have an extraordinary meal.

Tyler got a World Famous Footlong Hotdog with mustard, relish, and onions. Plus, a Peaches Burger; and Fried Oreos. “This is, without a doubt, the full boardwalk experience,” Tyler said.

RECOMMENDED: The Shrimp Basket, French Fries, and Chicken Fingers. Each is hard to resist.

Peaches Corner in Myrtle Beach

Bistro 217

Tyler said he hasn’t had softshell crabs since he moved away from the state. Guess who makes incredible softshell crabs? Bistro 217. It’s a contemporary restaurant with a varied offering of pasta, seafood, and steak. It also has a full bar and courtyard to enjoy, especially at happy hour. 

Tyler got his Softshell Crab on slaw with southern mustard. “That is so great,” Tyler said. “Chef, thanks for flexing your muscle, brother.”

Sea Captain’s House

This Myrtle Beach establishment features world-famous She-Crab Soup. Tyler went a separate way at Sea Captain’s House. A gentleman from High Point, N.C., created this location in 1930 as a holiday house. It became a cottage in the 40s and an inn by the 50s.

Tyler opted for Shrimp and Grits. “The grits look like Creme Brulee,” Tyler said. “That’s one of the best plates of food I’ve had in a long time.”

sea captains house exterior
North Beach Old Appleton Cottage Living Room

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