Hollywood Wax Museum Brings Stars to Myrtle Beach

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Want to snap some selfies with A-list celebrities and rub elbows with the rich and famous? That usually involves a trip to L.A. or New York, but now visitors to Myrtle Beach can get into the celeb-sighting act.

The Hollywood Wax Museum, the latest attraction to take Broadway at the Beach by storm, features realistic wax figures of the biggest and brightest stars in show business, including actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and more. Guests are surrounded by so many celebs you will feel like you’ve walked down the red carpet and slipped behind the velvet rope at one of Hollywood’s most exclusive gatherings.

Premiering in the summer of 2014, this can’t-miss attraction is located just across Highway 17 Bypass from Broadway at the Beach. The Hollywood Wax Museum replaced the old NASCAR Café, a fixture since 1997, and drew immediate attention for its outlandish renovations that feature a giant gorilla scaling a replica of the Empire State Building. The classic scene from “King Kong” not only catches the eye, but it is also a good representation of the displays inside the establishment, although the celebs are smaller, and less hairy than the main attraction outside.

The Hollywood Wax Museum features two floors filled wall-to-wall with celebrities you will recognize at first sight. From Rock Hudson to The Rock, the list of celebrities spans from the early days of Hollywood to the stars of the modern era, usually posing in a scene from a famous movie or stage. See the late, great Johnny Cash during his country music heyday and today’s hottest stars like Johnny Depp dressed in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Older visitors may experience déjà vu when they see Marilyn Monroe striking the classic pose on a New York sidewalk with her white dress blowing up to her thighs, or members of the Rat Pack in their Las Vegas lounge acts. Middle-aged guests can catch the most popular stars of their generation, like pop stars like Michael Jackson in his trademark single sequined glove alongside Henry Winkler as The Fonz in his noted leather biker jacket. And the younger generation will love posing with current stars such as Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, so there’s something for everyone inside this popular attraction.

Hollywood Wax Museum is constantly updating its collection so visitors can go back year after year and see a completely new lineup of statues to keep up with changing times. And for many patrons it is as close as they will ever get to a face-to-face encounter with these celebrities. The lifelike models are so realistic that visitors can trick their friends by posting fake photos of them hanging out with big names on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This vacation will fill the photo album with memorable shots of family members posing with their favorite stars.

Hollywood Wax Museum also features two other attractions – Hannah’s Mirror Maze and “Outbreak”, a zombie-themed thrill show. Guests give rave reviews to the maze of mirrors, in which patrons get lost in their own reflections. Outbreak is a realistic thrill show that brings the audience to screams as zombie-like creatures prey on frightened patrons. Guests can purchase tickets to one attraction or save money by seeing two or all three.

Hollywood Wax Museum is located at the corner of Highway 17 Bypass and 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach. The doors open at 9:30 a.m. and remain open till midnight, seven days a week. For ticket prices or more information, visit www.hollywoodwaxmuseum.com.


(Posted: 4/24/15)