How to Keep Kids Entertained at the Beach

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You've heard the old saying about how you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. The same can be true of taking children on vacation; you can lead them to the beach but you can't make the have a good time.

But there are many family-friendly activities you can use to engage your children and keep them entertained. Although you might expect the combination of sand, surf and sunshine to be enough to keep kids busy for more than a week, in the age of cell phones and video games, some children need a reminder of the fun that can be had at the beach with a little imagination:

Sand sculpting: This popular beach craft has come a long way since the sand-castle building days. New tools and techniques allow beachgoers to construct all kinds of sandy structures, such as life-sized alligators and realistic-looking castles. Of course, a bucket, some wet sand and a little creativity are all you really need. Just build far enough away from the tide line that your project doesn't get leveled by the waves.

Beachcombing: The ocean is filled with buried treasure, albeit more in fossil form than gold coins. And with each tide cycle the sea uncovers another layer of moon shells, conchs, sand dollars and other gems that can serve as free souvenirs. Perhaps the best find is a fossilized sharks' tooth, and a wide range of species can be unearthed once you learn what to look for and when. A falling tide, especially after a big storm over the sea, can uncover a lot of keepers.

Games: Nothing brings out excitement on the beach like a little good-natured competition. From real sports, like a game of two-hand touch football or a friendly soccer match, to classic games, such as bocce ball and Frisbee, fun is only a contest away. Of course, some equipment may be required, but check with your Myrtle Beach hotel desk or make a trip to a beachwear store to find a game that's up your family's alley.

Kids Clubs: Many resorts offer children’s activities during the summer months to help kids mix and mingle with other guests in their age group. From ice cream socials and arts and craft projects to pool games and scavenger hunts, kids clubs offer fun events for the little ones while also giving the grownups a little down time.

(posted 5/27/14)