How To: Pack For a Day at The Beach

When you are visiting the Myrtle Beach area, I know the first thing you can’t wait to do is to take the kids to the beach.  BUT, you need to know what to bring to make sure the day is enjoyable for the entire family.  So, with a little advanced planning you will be ready to go and happy you took the extra time to get ready.

A Beach Bag

Make sure it is large enough and durable enough to carry all of your items in.  The mesh beach bags are very nice because it will allow the sand to sift through and not get all over everything after.  In your beach bag you can have your beach towels, one per person, your sand toys for the kids and extra swim ware just in case of an emergency.


One of the most important things to take is sunscreen.  Make sure your sunscreen is no less then SPF 25, has a UVA and UVB protection and is waterproof.  You will be in and out of the ocean so that is very  important.  Also, take notes on when to reapply.  You want to make sure you do this once every two hours.  Make sure you stick to that plan, it is better to be safe then burned for the entire vacation.

Water & Snacks

Take plenty of water and snacks.  It will be hot out and you will need to make sure the kids are getting the hydration they need.  Between building sandcastles, playing frisbee, and boogie boarding on the waves, they will need to drink plenty of water.  While they are hydrating, they will also need to enjoy some snacks to zap back in that energy.  Make sure they are high in protein, such as peanut butter sandwiches, nut mixes, cheese and crackers, jerky, and even hard candies.

A Change of Clothes

Another thing you will want to pack in your beach bag is a change of clothes for everyone. It is all just fun in the sun until the weather turns or the kids get tired and it is time to come back home. Riding in the car in a wet suit is bad for your upholstery and it is also just plain uncomfortable so it is a good idea to shower off and change before leaving the beach. This way you can leave the sand at the beach instead of in your vehicle and home.

If you are sensitive to the sun, make sure to pack a beach umbrella too.  Pack a beach blanket or chairs, it isn’t always fun laying on the sand, especially if you are an adult.

And last but not least, take pictures.  You will get some great candid pictures that will last a lifetime.

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