How to Stay Cool in the Hot Summers at the Beach

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We love a hot summer day as much as the next person, but we also know that sometimes hot is just too hot.

So, take a look at this list if you’re headed to Litchfield Beach for some hot summer fun. It’ll help you keep your cool so you can enjoy your vacation!

Stay hydrated

Some of the effects we think of when we think of being overheated are actually the effects of dehydration. Make sure that you and your kids drink plenty of water. Put each family member’s name on a bottle to help you monitor who’s drinking enough and who needs to take a break and take a few sips.

• Use an umbrella at the beach

Taking breaks from the sun is key, but if you don’t have any shade at the beach, you’ll find yourself getting overheated far too easily. 

• Take advantage of indoor pools for a break from the sun

The middle of the day is when the sun is strongest, and sometimes even an umbrella won’t give you a break from the heat of the day. But if the kids don’t want to stop playing in the water, indoor pools can be a great place to take refuge.

• Wear loose clothing and top it with a hat

Loose, lightweight fabric, especially cooling linen, will help you stay cool as you stroll the beach. Skin-baring looks may be fashionable, but loose and flowy is far more comfy.

• Don’t stuff yourself – graze

Big meals filled with protein can actually make it harder to deal with the heat, as your metabolism fires up in an effort to break down all that food. Smaller, more frequent meals will help keep your internal temp more consistent.

• Don’t fear the popsicle

Now we come to our favorite stay-cool trick: A hot day is a great excuse for a popsicle or ice cream cone.

Posted 7/19/13