Learn to Sail in Myrtle Beach

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Have you ever imagined yourself skimming along on a beautiful cloudless day, the blue sky reflected in the deeper blue of the water, skillfully commanding a sailboat across the ocean? It might sound like just a daydream, but guests at North Beach Plantation can make this dream come true thanks to Myrtle Beach Sailing School!

Located just up the road in Little River, Myrtle Beach Sailing School is an American Sailing Association-certified facility that can accommodate students of all skill levels and can help them improve their sailing ability, whether they are visiting Myrtle Beach for a week or two or are just planning a weekend getaway.

Myrtle Beach Sailing School offers courses spanning all the elements of the sailing life aboard sailboats of sizes ranging from 20 feet to 45feet and in wind conditions varying from light to heavy. New sailors will learn about  sailing terminology and helm commands, proper sail trim, safety basics and seamanship, while more advanced students can learn to handle multi-day cruises and heavier wind conditions.

But don’t take that to mean you’ll be stuck on dry land with a book! Myrtle Beach Sailing School will have you out on the Atlantic waters with an experienced instructor, learning firsthand as you face the challenges and ever-changing conditions of ocean sailing. The Sailing School also has a class specifically for sailors seeking to learn coastal and inland water sailing on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Classes are limited to only two students at a time, allowing them to maximize their hands-on time while practicing the sailing skills they’re learning. However, the school does make an exception for families, allowing up to four family members to take a class together. This is a great way to make some amazing and special family memories as you all learn to sail together during your Myrtle Beach vacation!

The Myrtle Beach Sailing School also offers private lessons, couples courses, and a range of cruises and charters for those who would like to enjoy a day on the water without having to do the work themselves.

Next time you visit North Beach Plantation, why not take advantage of something unique to the coastal lifestyle found in the Myrtle Beach area and learn to sail? We’ll be looking forward to making your Grand Strand vacation one that you’ll never forget.