Mini Golf Review:  Mount Atlanticus

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            “At 2:37 pm, March 29, 1998, a land mass suddenly appeared some two miles out to see from the Myrtle Beach Pavilion.  Two days later, the mass had settled itself atop the old Chapin Company department store, two blocks from the ocean.  You’ll find out how this literally-incredible event occurred.  You will also see unimpeachable evidence that the mass as a miniature golf island resort, some 50,000 years old, which had broken away from the sunken continent of Atlantis and inched its way to the United States over thousands of years.  With your own eyes you’ll see the electrifying evidence that is completely revising the history of ancient civilizations.  This evidence incontrovertible proves many ancient legends to be true and certain modern mysteries- UFOs and the abominable snowman, etc.- are well-founded and probably real.”

This course is amazing!  Huts, torches, indoor, outdoor, water, Loch Ness monsters, minotaurs and dodos, it has it all.  The theme of the lost city of Atlantis is used throughout and it actually feels as though you have been transported there.  This course tackles many of the popular myths (UFO’s, etc) as well as adding some of its own (the evolution and devolution of the minotaur species).

Both courses start out indoors and intertwine as you move outdoors.  They both also move up and down the multi-tiers of the course (you get about 3-4 stories in the air) visiting various huts and caves on the way.   The soundtrack is excellent and follows you throughout the course.  The par is shown in diagrams at the hole, as the pin placement can change. 

The hole designs are some of the most creative and fun, even if they are really easy.  It is nice to see something unique.  Mt. Atlanticus is one of the best mini-golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area and is a must play stop when on vacation here. Make sure you and your family come for a round of mini-golf but leave with awesome stories and adventures. 
Mt. Atlanticus is located on 707 North Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577.