Myrtle Beach Has A New Brewery: Meet Crooked Hammock Brewery

There’s a new brew coming to town.

It’s Crooked Hammock Brewery, an American brewpub based out of Delaware. And it’s set to open its third and largest location in Myrtle Beach’s Barefoot Landing on March 1st! Handcrafted burgers and easy drinking craft brews highlight the experience.

The backyard is the perfect setting for locals and visitors to unwind. It’s a fixture in its Delaware locations. You’ll find picnic and ping-pong tables, space for dogs, and, often, kids all around. All locations feature firepits and cornhole, and space designed to melt the stress and let you hang with family and friends. In light of mandated social distancing protocols, it also is timely.

Rich Garrahan started Crooked Hammock Brewery, with his own backyard as his inspiration. After arduous days working to provide for his family, Rich retreated to his oasis: a crooked hammock in the backyard. With a cold beer in his hand, the hammock became his refuge. And it sparked the idea of opening a restaurant with the same vibe.

Crooked Hammock Brewery Entrance

It's All About The Brew

The Crooked Hammock Brewery crafts beer in cans that feel like a shame to recycle. As charming as the beer inside is delicious, Crooked Hammock cans have plenty of game. So, too, do their names: including Brand New Day: Tropical Punch, Hand of Buddha, and Permanent Vacation, to name a few. You can try a few in a brew flight, too.

Crooked Hammock Brewery will produce more than 4,000 barrels of beer in Myrtle Beach in its first year here. That will come from 10 fermenters, two bright tanks, and a two-vessel 30BBL brewhouse. In other words: All that’s needed to create lots of tasty craft beer.

It’ll feature a tasting room, too, with seating, food, and beer service. Crooked Hammock will offer brewery tours and host private parties in the brewery.

As colorful as the brewery’s cans are, the ingredients in the beer also prove its creativity, for sure. They include coffee-and-coconut, chocolate and banana, and pink guava and passionfruit.

And We Can't Forget The Awesome Food!

The menu: backyard-cookout inspired, made to pair with their beer. Craft beer is their jam, but they have a full bar, too. The menu is now available, and we must say, Myrtle Beach is in for some stellar eating.

Brew Kettle Chili leads the appetizers menu. Smashed Avocado Dip, Baked Crab Dip, and Longboard Nachos are tempting choices. Slow cooked crispy wings come in honey barbecue and Buffalo, but also other flavors such as Pineapple Express and Old Bay.

A handheld highlight at Crooked Hammock Brewery: “THE” Grandstrand Burger. On it: A 7oz short rib blend piled with pimento cheese, bacon, and bread & butter pickles. The Beer Can Chicken and Double Stacked BLT are mighty strong choices too.

Hanging out for dinner? The Finger Lickin’ Rack of Ribs, Crab Cake Platter, and Grilled Flat Iron Steak are all stellar.

Nachos and Beer Outside at Crooked Hammock Brewery

Plus, That Vibe

In Delaware locations, great vibes and live music draw locals and travelers in. Reviews from those locations praise the food and brew. The service, decor and atmosphere garner lots of attention, too.

There’s seating for 140 inside, 180 outside, for when restrictions lift and we can get out in full force. Visit the retail area to bring a little of the hammock life home with you.

Crooked Hammock Brewery offers plenty of menu options in gluten-free and vegan versions. A menu to keep the kids (and even dogs) happy is also solid and priced right for kids.

And The Happy Camper and Tortuga Island Too!

It’s a classic 1962 Shasta, bought in western Pennsylvania and reimagined in Delaware. It rolled into North Myrtle Beach in July 2020, where it’s parked to stay.

Visit for lite fare options and signature brews. The Camper will serve up everything from year rounds to the seasonal rotation. Look out for brewery exclusives, too.

Check out Tortuga Island, a gazebo bar at Barefoot Landing. The bar has seating for 26 and room for 84. You’ll have access to the full restaurant and food menu on the island.

The Crooked Hammock Brewery is the spot where visitors of all ages, incomes and interests congregate to experience the Hammock State of Mind.

Over the water gazebo bar at night

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