Myrtle Beach International Airport Offers Great Flights, Amazing Location and Quick Service

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Being on vacation is fantastic, but sometimes getting to your vacation destination can be a real headache. For guests at North Beach Plantation, however, flying in and out of the newly renovated Myrtle Beach International Airport is now much easier and more convenient.

The airport has a great new look. It has undergone extensive renovations over the past two years, but construction is now complete and Myrtle Beach International Airport not only looks better than ever — it functions better, too.

If you flew into or out of the airport prior to 2014, you might have noticed the crowding of the passengers into a single small concourse and the congestion of flights trying to get in and out using the same limited space, but all of that has changed. Myrtle Beach International Airport is now a beautiful and flexible two-concourse airport, which means more space for the passengers and more gates for the airlines to get their flights in, serviced and out again. The airport can use the new, expanded space to meet the demands of the busy summer season, when more than half its annual passengers pass through. During the quieter months, when a single terminal is enough to meet passenger demands, the airport can close off the other terminal to save on expenses, an efficient planning design that will ease maintenance costs for the county.

More space also means more concessionaires bringing business into the airport. The passenger terminals offer a variety of food options. Current food vendors include Steak ’n Shake, Subway and Nacho Hippo, a creative nacho and Mexican food restaurant. There is also a Hudson News shop where you can get a book or a magazine to occupy your flight time.

And gone are the days when you had no option but to sit in your car and wait to pick up a passenger after a delayed flight. Both passengers and waiting guests can access the Boardwalk Café on the first floor of the terminal, so everyone can wait in comfort.

Myrtle Beach International accommodates a number of airlines, including big names like American, United and Delta, as well as discount airlines Spirit, Allegiant and WestJet, and international airlines like Porter and Air France. The most frequent direct flights are to Atlanta, but travelers can fly direct up the entire eastern seaboard, from Fort Lauderdale to northern destinations like Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Chicago.

And of course, there are rental cars and hotel shuttles available right on site to make your transition from the airport to your vacation spot easy and seamless.

Myrtle Beach International Airport is located just 30 minutes south of North Beach Plantation, making it hands-down the most convenient airport point for your Grand Strand travel plans. So don’t waste your vacation time driving in from Charleston or Columbia — fly straight into Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) and let the good times begin!