Myrtle Beach is Famous for the Sun, Sand and Surf of Summer.

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Myrtle Beach is famous for the sun, sand and surf of summer, but the best times to hit the Grand Strand without straining your family budget are the spring, fall and winter.
As the temperatures drop, so do the hotel rates for virtually every Grand Strand hotel. Families can stay for a fraction of the usual summer rate and still find plenty of fun.
It's a simple matter of supply and demand. Empty rooms force hoteliers to cut their rates in an effort to attract guests, and visitors can get huge savings in the off-season.
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The spring and fall sees discounted rooms at a time when the weather is still mild and the crowds are small, making them the best time to vacation on the Grand Strand.
The winter may be too cold to hit the beach, but there are still plenty of activities going on in December, January and February and the hotel room rates cannot be beat.
And it's not just the hotels offering discounts. Restaurants, golf courses and other attractions also drop their rates to draw crowds, making it the best time to get a deal.
Many visitors come before Christmas and take advantage of the lower room rates and the plethora of shopping outlets to knock out their Christmas list while vacationing.
Many restaurants offer buy-one-get-one deals during the winter and the theaters release their annual holiday shows and the malls and outlets are all lit up for the season.
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