New Hammock Shop Restaurant BisQit for Unusual Flavors and Spiked Shakes

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Longtime visitors to Litchfield and Pawley’s Island have likely visited the Hammock Shops many times, and perhaps eaten at one point at the now-defunct Roz’s Rice Mill Café, which was housed in a mid-1800s-era building that once served as a post office.  But the former Roz’s has a new identity as a biscuit, burger and shake shack that’s capital-Q quirky (in the best possible sense).

BisQit is owned by the Mike Benson and Josh Quigley, the same team who created Quigley’s Pint and Plate, another of our favorite newer restaurants in Pawleys Island. BisQit's menu is built on innovative takes on southern-style pub food. The biscuit sandwiches are absolutely delicious, from the fried chicken with house-made buttermilk ranch (which bears no resemblance to that gloopy stuff you get out of a bottle) and bacon to the root beer braised pork belly with smoked gouda and slaw. 

Another key menu staple at BisQit are the burgers. The House burger is topped with tomato, lettuce, pork belly, horseradish white cheddar and a gigantic onion ring. Another burger comes with jalapeno bacon—which is precisely as delicious as it sounds. This is not food for the faint of heart. 

And for dessert, there are delicious takes on shakes that can be served both kid-friendly and spiked for the grown-ups. There’s a salted caramel shake that can be served with or without bourbon and a Nutty Cup shake with peanut butter and chocolate syrup that can come with or without a shot of Frangelico.

And while state regulations mean that the beer Quigley brews for Quigley’s Pint and Plate can’t be sold at BisQit, craft beer lovers will enjoy the carefully selected beer list, as well as the wine list and specialty cocktails. 

So next time you visit Litchfield and are looking for something uniQue, give BisQit a try!

Posted 9/30/13