North Beach Plantation Kids Club Is Parents’ Dream

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We love our kids more than anything, we do. But sometimes… well, we need a break. Even if it is just for 15 minutes.

North Beach Plantation resort, thankfully, delights kids and parents alike with its Kids Club, a daily diversion that occupies the little ones and gives mom and dad a breather.

Club supervisor Allison McCarthy said the resort offers five or six activities a day for the children staying at the resort, comprising crafts, games and other fun. Once a week they will showcase a magician or an animal show, bringing in live reptiles and other creepy crawlies at which kids can marvel. 

Ages range from toddlers to preteens, and all activities are run in the shade on the pool deck. Often parents will stay close by to assist their younger kids, or head off for some alone time. Parents are responsible for fetching their kids at the end of the project or show, however, so it’s advised that they not travel far.

Many of the activities are free, but some charge a small (think between $1 and $5) fee for supplies, such as when the Kids Club hosted a cookie decorating event.

The duration of the activity depends on the child, said McCarthy, with some flying through the craft quickly and others taking their time. This might buy mom and dad anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to crack a book poolside and log a couple of chapters — a priceless development in terms of parenting.

And most importantly, your kids will dig it.

(posted 5/1/14)