Planning Your 2022 North Myrtle Beach Vacation? Here’s Why to Get Started Early

An impromptu vacation to North Myrtle Beach can be a blast.

But taking time to plan one can pay significant dividends. In fact, starting now for a warm-weather getaway can save you money. And that’s not the only reason.

Picking the perfect accommodations. Ensuring you can do what you want to do here. It’s possible if you plan! Here’s how.

1. Save money when you book early

Some experts recommend beginning your search as far out as 40 days. Research from travel aggregator Kayak suggests Saturday is best for the lowest rates. Why? Hotel searches decrease as the weekend approaches by as much as 30% — and rates drop, too.

2. You have a good chance for the room you want

For a place such as North Beach Resort & Villas in North Myrtle Beach, you can see room layouts when you book. Rooms are in high demand, especially during prime tourist season. So, your selection is better now. Travelers often try to save money by using a booking aggregator. But hotel staff often give priority for the best rooms to those who book through the property

3. You can plan your activities

Have a special event at Brookgreen Gardens you’d love to attend? Longing to go horseback riding? Plan ahead to get tickets early! Availability during peak season might be limited if you wait!

North Beach 2 Bedroom St. Kitts Old Appleton Way Living Room

4. Research dining and shows

Getting things squared away in advance gives you time to check out reviews. Heard good things about restaurants and shows in North Myrtle Beach? Check them out online!

Known for calabash seafood, the Grand Strand is becoming richer in many cuisines. And the talent level of performers in local shows is tough to beat!

Here are some of the most highly rated restaurants and shows in North Myrtle Beach for you to check out:


Hook & Barrel: Maybe the coolest spot for local seafood, wine, and spirits. It’s an amazing restaurant! Try the Smoked Shrimp & Grits.

Cafe Old Vienna: This restaurant has a beer garden and live music. Try the Sausage Sampler Platter and Potato Cakes.


Alabama Theater

Motor City Musical, GTS Theatre: This popular production covers Motown’s star-studded history. The show includes music from the 60s and 70s.

One The Show, Alabama Theatre: For nearly 30 years, this show has delighted audiences. The talent, visual elements, and costuming illuminate an array of genres.

5.You’ll reduce your own stress

Studies show that vacations are great stress relief. This is no surprise. But when you plan it in advance, you have dates on the calendar to look forward to. On tough days or rough weeks, that can mean a lot! It can improve your mindset and motivate you to get through the day. Try it: Put a North Myrtle Beach escape on your agenda and see what it does for you.

North Beach Two Bedroom Condo Living Room

Find an Amazing Place to Relax at North Beach

Convenient to all the fun in Myrtle Beach, yet worlds away. You’ll find a friendly staff, beautiful views, and easy access to the beach and pools. Explore the onsite Cinza Spa and other amenities, and book a stay today.

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