Put Your Problem-Solving Skills to the Test at Break Out Myrtle Beach

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A beach vacation is all about sun tans and water sports, naps by the pool, and delicious meals at day’s end — and North Beach Plantation provides all of those things with unparalleled excellence. But vacations are also about trying something new and different, and in that category, Myrtle Beach has an attraction that you and your family (or friends) absolutely must try. It’s called Break Out Myrtle Beach, and it’s an escape game that puts your group at the center of the action!

Break Out features four different puzzle scenarios in which your group can be the heroes of your own thrilling story. Solve the CSI Myrtle Beach mystery before the killer strikes again; follow a cryptic map to a pirate’s treasure; foil a serial killer’s demented plans; or pull off a high-stakes bank heist. Just choose the story that sounds most appealing to you, and let Break Out put your skills to the test.

Book your scenario ahead of time, and when you arrive, your group members will find themselves in a room with only the puzzle clues and your own deductive skills to help you succeed. You only have an hour! Winning the game will require you to work as a team, pooling the logic, creativity and ingenuity of the whole party to solve the clues within the time limit.

The scenarios may sound a little intense, but don’t let that impression steer you away from trying Break Out. The games are intended to be goofy and fun rather than scary. The content is family-friendly, and there will be no frightful haunted house moments. Nobody will jump out of a dark corner to scare you!

The Break Out scenarios are brain-teaser puzzles, for which the thrill and the challenge come in trying to think your way out of the box before time runs out. They are complex, but they do not require special knowledge or skills to solve. They are intended to be a fun and interactive activity in which people of all ages can work together and apply their logical and creative problem-solving abilities toward the solution. Even young children can have fun and take part in the games!

Escape Room games like Break Out are a great bonding experience — a fun and unusual activity that brings your family or friends together and turns them into a team. You might not even want to wait for a rainy day to give this attraction a try! Since the maximum time for each scenario is an hour, a visit to Break Out can fit easily into your busy vacation schedule.

Scenarios can accommodate parties as small as two people or as large as 10, and the price is a low $25 per person to participate! Scenario rooms can be reserved online ahead of time, so check out the website to book the room and time you want!

Try something new with your family during your next stay at North Beach Plantation — check out Break Out Myrtle Beach and answer the question: Can you Break Out in time?