Ready to ride the waves this summer in Myrtle Beach?  Here are a few tips on how to select the best

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Ready to ride the waves this summer in Myrtle Beach?  Here are a few tips on how to select the best boogie board.


Boogie boards, which were originally introduced by Tom Morey in 1971, are small foam boards used for body surfing throughout the world. When you select the right boogie board, you will need to take your body size, riding style and even the surf conditions into consideration.


First, select a boogie board by choosing the right length for your body size. The boogie board should reach within an inch of your belly button when you stand its edge on the ground in front of you. The boogie board may be an inch or two longer if you prefer to ride smaller waves, or an inch or two shorter if you like riding the big surf.

Second, pick the right width for your boogie board based upon your weight and the type of surfing conditions you prefer. Heavier riders should use wider boards to reduce the rocking effect while navigating through the surf, and an increase in board width will also increase your performance on smaller waves. Overall, the board should fit comfortably under your arm when you carry it, with your fingers easily grasping the outside rail when it is wedged under your armpit.

Third, choose a tail design that reflects your riding style and skill level when you select a boogie board. If you plan on keeping to a prone riding style, you'll want to consider a conventional bat-tail boogie board. If you like to perform tricks or if you like to ride while up on your knees, you may achieve better results with a crescent-tailed boogie board.

Fourth, buy a boogie board according to the quality and rigidity of the materials. While boogie boards made from a polypropylene core may be more expensive, they will be more durable and will enhance your riding skills. Look for a board with two or three rigid “stringers” that run from front to back, which will make your board ride better and last even longer.

Finally, purchase the right boogie board accessories that will increase your enjoyment of the sport. A boogie board leash, which attaches to your ankle, will prevent you from losing your board in rough surfing conditions. Flippers may also give you the edge you need to approach waves more quickly and to spin into the right position every time.

There are some great waves to catch here in Myrtle Beach.  Make sure you do a little research before getting your first board.