Ripley’s Master Moving Theatre along the Boulevard.

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Ripley's Master Moving Theatre along the Boulevard.

First of all, if you get motion sickness, this probably isn't the ride for you.

The cutting edge technology and incredible six channel digital surround sound make it the most exciting movie there is!  Two new action-packed films with continuous showings.  Feel the rush of Grand Prix Raceway and the thrill of Secrets of the Lost Temple.  The 4D virtual reality simulator where you actually ride with the movie and experience every bump, dip and turn!  State -of-the-Art Motion Simulator.  Seats move in 8 directions.  Full sized theatre with plenty of fun to be had by all.  So get ready to buckle up for a ride of a lifetime at Ripley's Moving Theater.

They are located along the Boulevard at 915 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC  29577 • 843-448-233, or visit,