Safety First! Know the Rules of the Beach for Summer 2017

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Be aware of where you are when you’re swimming in the ocean. Currents can carry you away from the lifeguards and into deeper waters if you’re not paying attention, especially if you are floating along in a raft or floatie with your feet off the ground. Stay within easy sight of the lifeguards – rules prohibit going out past 50 yards from shore or beyond shoulder depth in the water.

Beach umbrellas are permitted so long as they are no larger than 9 feet in diameter and no more than 7.5 feet tall. However, tents are not permitted on the beach at any time between May 15 and Sept. 15. Sleeping on the beach during the day is fine, but sleeping on the beach at night is not allowed!

Surfing is permitted only in designated areas at Cherry Grove Pier, 13th Avenue South, 27th Avenue South, 38th Avenue South and 6th Avenue North, and surfers are required to wear a surfing leash at all times.

There is no diving or jumping permitted from any of the many piers in the North Myrtle Beach area. The water may not be as deep as it appears! There is also no swimming allowed within 50 yards of any pier. The piers are fishing areas, and you don’t want to tangle with the fishing hooks!

Motorized vehicles may not be operated on the beach at any time, and motorized watercraft may not be launched from the beach during daytime hours. Further, no watercraft of any kind, including jet skis, catamarans and sailboats, should come within 100 yards of the shoreline or within 50 yards of any swimmer.

Fido is not welcome on the beach during the day, but you are welcome to bring him down for a run before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m. so long as he is on a leash (with a maximum length of 7 feet) at all times and the laws regarding the disposal of pet waste are followed.

There are only a few absolute prohibitions for the beach: no alcohol, no campfires or propane grills, no fireworks, no littering, and no destroying or tampering with the sea oats and other beach vegetation or the sand fences protecting them.

Let’s all work together to keep the beaches around North Beach Plantation a beautiful and safe place for everyone!