Savannah’s Playground Makes Inclusive Play a Reality

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Grand Strand vacationers are already familiar with the enticements of the sunny beaches, fabulous golf courses, good food and many entertainment options that await them during their stay at North Beach Plantation. However, one local attraction recently celebrated the grand opening of a wonderful new facility that will quickly become a favorite destination for vacation entertainment: Savannah’s Playground.

Savannah’s Playground represents the realization of a vision to create a space where children of all ages and abilities can play together. The equipment is all ADA compliant and designed to accommodate all levels of mobility, and the attractions at the playground go far beyond the typical swings and slides.

Swings and slides are still included, of course, but there are also ropes courses and zip-lining, a musical park and a gymnasium, as well as separate play spaces for children of varying ages. Toddlers have a safe spot to play with each other, while the older children can engage in more active games in their own designated area. The early childhood and school-age play areas are adjacent to each other, so parents with children of different ages can easily keep an eye on both areas.

As amazing as all that is, the city of Myrtle Beach doesn’t plan to stop there – there are additional features still in the works, including a water park with a splash pool, a fishing pier and paddleboats designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Savannah’s Playground was inspired by and named for Savannah Thompson, a local teenager who was born with Williams Syndrome, a condition that causes developmental delays. After experiencing complications following a heart surgery at the age of 4, Savannah was in a coma for almost a month, and her prognosis was dim. But Savannah defied the odds and the predicted limitations on her recovery. She currently attends her local high school, participates in the Special Olympics and Miracle League Baseball, and sings the National Anthem at local sporting events!

Savannah has been an inspiration to her community, and with the opening of Savannah’s Playground in Grand Park at The Market Common, all involved hope to spread that inspiration throughout the city and to all its visitors. The vision of Savannah’s Playground is to allow children of all ages and abilities to play with each other without limitation, and in the few months it has been open, the playground has already received glowing reviews from parents whose children have enjoyed the park’s many attractions.

Don’t let your kids miss out on this unique and wonderful park. Make sure to add a stop at Savannah’s Playground to your next vacation at North Beach Plantation.