Seven Items Your Beach Bag Must Have when visiting Myrtle Beach

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Oh, the beach bag.

When summertime arrives and we pull it down from the back of the closet, isn’t there just the most wonderful thrill? Summer’s here! We’re headed to the beach!

But because beach-going isn’t a year-round activity (at least not for everyone), it can be hard to remember what, exactly, are the must-have beach bag items. Worry not, we’re here to help!

Here’s our list of the top seven must-have beach bag items, in no particular order:

 1.     Shades

We’re counting hat and sunglasses in this category. On the one hand, you have to protect yourself from sun damage. But there’s also the “beach hair” consideration. Some people love the look of beach hair, while for others, that beach hat is really key.

 2.     Sunscreen

This is a category of its own: Bring your sunscreen to the beach. Re-apply every hour or two. Don’t think one application at the beginning of your beach trip is enough! It’s not, especially if you’re swimming or sweating.

 3.     Snacks

So important. We like a little protein so the snacks are actually filling—something like mixed nuts. Maybe some dried fruit, since it’s less likely to get squished into your towel … which reminds us ….

 4.     Beach towel

This one may be a little obvious, but we know some folks who have forgotten to bring towels to the beach. It’s never fun.

 5.     Wet wipes

If you have young kids, you probably never leave the house without wet wipes. But they’re really handy for any age, especially if you plan on packing a lunch.

 6.     Magazine/book

Reading on the beach is a favorite beach past-time. We recommend something light, mindless, maybe even gossipy. That’s what summertime is all about.

 7.     Water

If you pack a cooler, your water can go in there, but if you don’t have a cooler, you still need to bring water to the beach! Dehydration is a sure way to kill a good day at the beach.