Take a Day Trip Back in Time to Historic Georgetown

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Guests at Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort have so many wonderful options for on-site entertainment that they could spend their entire vacation without leaving the property. But for those who wish to explore the beautiful Lowcountry scenery that surrounds Litchfield Beach, there are even more exciting opportunities, including a unique chance to travel back in time.

No time machine is necessary, only a vehicle to make the short drive to the historic port city of Georgetown. In only a few minutes, you will feel like you have been teleported back to the pre-Revolutionary War period and a time when rice was king. Although the town has since been modernized, remnants of a simpler era and loads of Southern charm still pervade Georgetown.

Founded in 1729, Georgetown was once one of the wealthiest cities in Colonial America and a top exporter of rice, indigo and timber. Despite brushes with hurricanes, pirates, and the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Georgetown has stood the test of time and emerged as a city built on cultural diversity, historical preservation, and recreational and entertainment opportunities.

The centerpiece of Georgetown is the historic waterfront district and the adjoining antebellum homes that stand as testaments to the town's rich past. Visitors can stroll along the streets lined with ancient live oak trees draped in Spanish moss while admiring the early architecture of beautiful houses and churches, and walk to shops and cafes along the waterfront busy with boat traffic.

Among the many historic sites are The Rice Museum, which tells the story of Georgetown's rich rice culture; the Kaminski House, a nearly 250-year-old home overlooking the Sampit River; the South Carolina Maritime Museum, which details the area's long-standing relationship with the sea; and the Gullah Museum, which shares the story of Georgetown's deep African heritage.

For a taste of Georgetown's old plantation life, leave the downtown district and check out the Hopsewee Plantation, the birthplace of Declaration of Independence signer Thomas Lynch Jr. Built in 1740 and preserved by private owners through the years, the house and surrounding structures give visitors a real feel for what life was like on a Lowcountry rice plantation.

Hobcaw Barony also provides a wealth of local history and a natural preserve all in one. The former vacation home of the Baruch family once hosted the likes of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, and is surrounded by 17,500 scenic acres on the Waccamaw Neck. Tour the abandoned rice fields, slave quarters and a visitors center featuring history and nature exhibits.

Georgetown offers lots of modern-day fun as well, including tour boats and fishing charters at the local marinas. Take a half-day or full-day deep sea fishing trip, a cruise along the coast to view the city from the sea, or a trip up the many rivers that flow to Winyah Bay. The Black, Pee Dee, Sampit and Waccamaw rivers offer scenic locations for a boat ride. Other tours include trips to barrier islands like Bulls Island and inland islands like Sandy Island for up-close looks at nature and history.

Experience great shopping and dining in the downtown district, and plan to attend some of the special events hosted by Georgetown, like the Music in the Park series held at Francis Marion Park the first and third Thursdays of the month, the “Second Saturdays” (of the month) sweetgrass basket-weaving gatherings and the Boil and Stump Political Rally on Sept. 21.

All the natural beauty and rich history of Georgetown are only a short drive away from Litchfield Beach, allowing guests to enjoy a trip back in time by day and a modern and relaxing place to stay by night.