The Best 6 Pizza Joints in North Myrtle Beach

When you find the pizza joint, you want to hit it on repeat.

There are plenty to choose from in North Myrtle Beach. A select few meet that lofty status. We rounded up a few favorites to recommend a quality slice on your next getaway.

But first, how well do you know pizza?

Want Pizza? These Are the 5 Crowning Places in North Myrtle

These joints are the best. Final answer.

Benito’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta

Grab pasta, pizza, and Italian classics in a chill environment. The service is top-notch, and after one bite, you’ll know you’re into something extraordinary. Benito’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta has some of North Myrtle’s best pizza. It’s destined to become one of your favorites.


The Fuggetaboutit, by name alone! The toppings are awesome, too. Bacon, green pepper, ground beef, ham, mushrooms, onion, pepperoni, and sausage,

North Beach Pizza Co.

You don’t have to go far for awesome pizza when you stay at North Beach Resort. It’s right on-site, on the third floor of the towers, and guests can order from their rooms. Cauliflower crusts are available.

pizza with toppings


The Buffalo Chicken. It comes with garlic cream sauce with bleu cheese crumbles, mozzarella, and ricotta. Also, chicken tossed in Buffalo sauce with house-made pico de gallo.

Rapone Brick Oven Pizza

With live music and great value, Rapone Brick Oven Pizza isn’t likely a place you’ll visit only once. Grab a cold beer or mussels to go with your pie. Bring your friends if you want to impress them!


The Bianca White Pizza. It’s a simple masterpiece, with fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and mozzarella. Rapone’s pizzas include 100% imported 00 flour, Bacio cheese, and Buffala Mozzarella.

Ultimate California Pizza Kitchen

This lively chain boasts a whopping 70-plus possible topping combinations. Plus, subs, wings, and a great kids’ menu. We’re not saying people come to North Myrtle Beach to visit Ultimate California Pizza Kitchen. But we’re not saying they don’t. This place has a stout following that loves its style, vibe, and drinks.


It’s tough to top a make-your-own pie, especially with the goods UCP carries. But try the Hollywood ‘Meat Lovers.’ It has ground beef, hickory smoked crumbled bacon, homemade red sauce, Italian sausage, mozzarella, pepperoni, smoked ham, and mild pork sausage.

MOD Pizza

Walk up to the counter and order from this industrial-chic chain. It’s gaining popularity for individual-sized, build-your-own pies. With choices of toppings and crusts, you get to build your dream at MOD Pizza. Plus you can add as many toppings as you’d like.


If you don’t go with the make-your-own, the Tristan is pretty unique. It comes with asiago, mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and pesto.

Mellow Mushroom

You might have one of these funkadelic locations in your town, and love it for its groovy pie and craft beer. Mellow Mushroom serves hand-tossed and thin-crust pizzas, at fair prices, with friendly staff. They say the gluten-free pies here can’t be beat.

pizza on plate


First, ask about the limited-time offerings. They have some incredible pies that we don’t want to tell you about if they’re going to be gone by the time you get there! The Great White is killer. It has an olive oil and garlic base with authentic sheep’s milk feta cheese, fresh basil, onions, provolone, seasoned ricotta, sun-dried roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, and roma tomatoes.

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North Beach Resort: Convenient to the Beach (And Pizza)

Many guests come year after year because they have a great stay at North Beach Resort. Enjoy big rooms, clean pools, and lots of space by the pool deck. Whether you’re coming for a fishing expedition or lots of R&R, North Beach is the place to be. Peruse your options for accommodations and book your getaway today.

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