The Sneaky Beagle to Bring Unique New Dining Choice to Carolina Forest

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The options for dining out on the Grand Strand are famously plentiful — with 1,700-plus restaurants found our 60-mile stretch of Carolina coast, locals and visitors alike are sure to find something that will tempt their taste buds when culinary cravings arise. And at one new local eatery set to open in spring 2019 in Myrtle Beach’s Carolina Forest area, an array of fresh and unique menu items will be on tap for hungry visitors — and their pets.

Owned by the same restaurateur behind locals’ favorite The Grumpy Monk restaurant and craft-brew bar, The Sneaky Beagle will soon open in the former location of Longbeard’s Bar and Grill on Carolina Forest Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. The new restaurant — boasting the tagline “A little weird. A lot of fun. Always fresh.” — will feature a creative menu focused on tacos, paninis, sushi and salads. Further, one especially unique section of the menu will offer entrees meant just for pets.

“The Sneaky Beagle concept: It’s going to be a spin-off to The Grumpy Monk — same umbrella, same family,” said owner Chris Evans. “It’s going to be something a little bit different, pet-friendly. We have a large outside deck. Pets can only go outside, unless they’re service animals. There will be a menu just for them outside — couple different options, $1 to $3.”

While still a work in progress, the menu for human guests at The Sneaky Beagle promises to feature a number of unique taco offerings, such as chicken fettuccine Alfredo tacos, Thanksgiving tacos, fried chicken and mac & cheese tacos, etc. Further, a wide selection of drink offerings will be available, with a particular focus on craft beers and craft ciders. The dog menu, Evans says, will offer treats such as frozen yogurt, frozen bananas, and chicken & rice.

“The inspiration for The Sneaky Beagle is two parts,” Evans said. “One, we wanted to create something different that allowed us to go a different way with food. Also, I have a beagle at home, and I’ve grown up with beagles. The response has been overwhelming — people are excited to bring their dogs out, they’re excited to come have fun.”

For more information on The Sneaky Beagle, visit the restaurant’s website at and its Facebook page at

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