Top 4 Places to get Walkable Meals in Myrtle Beach

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The family is hungry, but you are on a tight time schedule to see and do all the great things Myrtle Beach has to offer. These are the perfect occasions to grab something on the go, but it's hard to find a restaurant or cafe that caters to the carry-out crowd.

Paradise Resort guests are in luck. Not only do you have access to the poolside Tiki Bar, which offers a wide selection of hot dogs, hamburgers, frozen drinks and snacks you can eat on the run, but the resort is also surrounded by these four walkable feast hot spots:

Auntie Anne's Pretzels: Dining out at Broadway at the Beach can be expensive and time consuming. Summer crowds often create long waits, and there aren't any cheap, fast options. But there is one tasty alternative to those who love fresh-baked pretzels. Auntie Anne's served hot soft pretzels you can eat on the go. Try them salted, unsalted or sweet with the unique Cinnamon Sugar flavor. Using dipping sauces like mustard, nacho cheese or hot butter can be a bit tricky while you are walking, but you can still enjoy one of these without requiring a table, utensils or a server. The pretzels are large and doughy enough to satisfy you for a few hours until dinner time.

Best of Philly: Located just a few blocks from Paradise Resort on South kings Highway, this unassuming, one-room building just happens to turn out some of the tastiest sandwiches on the Grand Strand. Famous for its Philly Cheesesteaks, as the name indicates, this tiny place has the same no-frills counter service like many street stands in Philadelphia, and a very limited waiting area for those who prefer to stand and eat. But if you are taking a quick break from the beach for lunch or grabbing grub to go, Best of Philly makes a solid lineup of subs, burgers, gyros and more hand-held items that won't slow you down. Just be sure to pick up some extra napkins.

Peaches Corner: Located in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach, this cafe is an institution where generations of vacationers have visited for almost 80 years. Offering hot food fresh from the grill, Peaches Corner has a huge customer base that far exceeds its seating capacity, so many get a burger, hot dog, milkshake or ice cream cone to go and polish it off at the adjoining Plyler Park on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Of course, the house special hot dogs, with chili, onions, mustard and slaw, can get a bit sloppy, as can the famous fried bologna sandwich. But it's all hot, good and tasty, and you can get it to go while you enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown. Peaches Corner is also a popular place for a late-night snack.

Pelicans Ballpark: You know how the classic song goes – “Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack, I don't care if I ever go back.” Well, there's a lot more ballpark food than that to choose from at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans' games, like hot dogs, slices of pizza, ice cream and cold beer. Ballpark food is notoriously expensive, but the Pelicans offer $1 hot dogs on Weiner Wednesdays and $1 drafts on Thirsty Thursday, making it more affordable for a family to visit. The ice cream, cotton candy and corn dogs may set you back a few bucks, but the overall entertainment value of the game provides a fun night out and some excellent finger food.


(Posted: 6/19/15)