Top 5 Myrtle Beach Holiday Gifts

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One of the best ways to find the right Christmas gift for someone who is tough to shop for is to ask one simple question: “What do they love?” If the answer for your loved one happens to be “Myrtle Beach,” then we have the perfect shopping list for you.

Lots of people love Myrtle Beach and spend all year counting down the days till their annual vacation to the Grand Strand. What better way to make your Christmas gift extra special than to tie it to the place they dream about? Check out these five Myrtle Beach-related gift ideas:

Beach Umbrella: Remember that big beach tent your loved one invested in a few years ago? Well, thanks to the changes in Myrtle Beach's city laws, tents are no longer allowed on the beach during the summer months, transforming it into a garage sale item. What they really need is a fancy new beach umbrella, which is allowed under Myrtle Beach law. Be sure to get one with the tilted axis for blocking the wind and the sun or for waiting out an afternoon shower.

Convertible: OK, so this one might be a bit out of your gift-giving price range. But it's the thought that counts, and this is one happy thought. Imagine your loved one cruising down Ocean Boulevard in the summer time with the top laid back and the wind in their hair. The winter months will fly by while waiting till spring has sprung and heading to Myrtle Beach with the top down. Spend a little extra for the vanity license plate: “MB BOUND.”

Fishing Pole: Sure, your loved one may have a garage filled with fishing poles, but those are for the minnow-sized fish back home. To go after the whoppers that swim in the Atlantic Ocean, whether it’s surf fishing from the beach or angling from a boat or pier, you need the right gear. A surf rod is just like a fresh-water pole, only a lot thicker and longer, so it will withstand a tussle with a 40-pound king mackerel on the other end of the line. You may get a fresh catch of the day seafood platter delivered directly to the shore.

Golf Clubs: With more than 100 golf courses on the Grand Strand, the golfer in your life needs the best equipment to try to tackle them all. What better way to send them off to Myrtle Beach for a week than with a brand new set up sticks? Buying clubs for someone else can be tricky, sort of like buying them a pair of shoes – you never really know if you've got the right fit. But unlike shoes, clubs can be adjusted to fit one's grip and swing, and they give golfers a good excuse when they shoot a bad round. Either way, it’s a guaranteed good time for the golfers in your life.

Shag Lessons: If you’ve been to the shag dance clubs on Ocean Drive in North Myrtle Beach and seen the old pros swing one another around the dance floor, it can be an intimidating experience. It’s hard to step out onto the dance floor without having the steps down, and a set of lessons could be just the confidence booster your loved one needs to get out there and cut a rug. Check out local dance instructors for a full lesson in how to shag, or visit Fat Harold’s during the week, when free lessons are taught to patrons almost nightly.


(Posted: 11/21/14)